August 30th 2014 

Today was Mairi’s last Saturday at home before returning to University in the big city. We wanted to do something nice so she chose to go to Portknockie and Cullen. They are lovely villages along the Moray coast. We drove to Portknockie, a lot of it in the pouring rain. But the rain eased as we got there. We parked down at the harbour. This was about 12.40 so we had our picnic in the car.

We left about 1.00 after using the toilets at the harbour. We have done this walk a few times over the years and it is lovely.

IMG00310-20140830-1307 IMG00311-20140830-1308 IMG00312-20140830-1308
Up from the harbour.

Here is the wee Mission church. I love Sunday referred to as the “Lord’s Day”. It’s a good sign.

IMG00314-20140830-1317 IMG00315-20140830-1318
Onto the Coastal Path beyond Portknockie.

We passed the Bow Fiddle Rock, a strange rock formation carved by the sea. Then we dropped down to the coastal path along the shore.

IMG00318-20140830-1322 IMG00321-20140830-1326
There is the way ahead – down to the shore and then along it to Cullen.

Another strange rock formation.

IMG00323-20140830-1330 IMG00324-20140830-1330
I don’t know what St. Duane’s Den is but it doesn’t offer much shelter. I nearly broke my back crawling under the arch!

IMG00325-20140830-1336 IMG00327-20140830-1336 IMG00328-20140830-1337 IMG00329-20140830-1337 IMG00330-20140830-1337
Getting near Cullen.

Had to take a selfie! A bit of a windblown one.

IMG00334-20140830-1351 IMG00336-20140830-1355
We reached Cullen about 1.50. We walked through it, the rain starting to threaten.

My two women. I will miss Mairi so much. It was probably the last long holiday she will spend with us. She is now going onto her final year. Then it’s work.

IMG00338-20140830-1356 IMG00339-20140830-1357
The viaduct dominates and is most impressive.

IMG00341-20140830-1358 IMG00342-20140830-1359 IMG00343-20140830-1359
And this is Cullen Harbour, a nice little harbour.

IMG00344-20140830-1402 IMG00346-20140830-1403 IMG00347-20140830-1406 IMG00348-20140830-1406
We sheltered under the railway track. The Ferrier vandals have been here.

IMG00350-20140830-1412 IMG00354-20140830-1413 IMG00355-20140830-1413
We went up and into the town weaving through the streets. You suddenly are in the ‘centre’. I went to the loo. We then looked round the antique shops. They are super. Full of lovely stuff and the prices not too bad. We went to the ice cream parlour and had cones.

The village is dominated by the railway which is now disused.

Then we walked on taking a new way back to Portknockie following the old rail track across the viaduct. It was wetter going back. By the time we reached the car we were a bit damp. It passes the golf course and overlooks the sea. Being an old rail track it is pretty level.

IMG00359-20140830-1445 IMG00360-20140830-1445 IMG00361-20140830-1445 IMG00362-20140830-1445
I think it’s all the colours of the roofs and houses that make Cullen so interesting. It has atmosphere.

IMG00363-20140830-1450 IMG00364-20140830-1450
I held my phone (camera) over the parapet of the viaduct to take this one. I was scared I’d drop it over the edge.

IMG00367-20140830-1451 IMG00368-20140830-1453 IMG00369-20140830-1454 IMG00370-20140830-1456 IMG00371-20140830-1512 IMG00372-20140830-1513 IMG00374-20140830-1514
Every village has its war memorial. Portknockie is no different.

IMG00375-20140830-1520 IMG00376-20140830-1523 IMG00378-20140830-1523
We got back to the harbour about 3.25. A lovely walk.

Then we drove home.