Tuesday 14th October – Mallaig

What can I say about the night – worse than my imagining! There was constant noise. The work in the harbour went on all night a marine engine idling and then every 20 minutes or so speeding up for a while. People were moving about and slamming doors till after eleven. Our neighbours in room 2 beside us came in at 2.30 in the morning slamming all the doors and conversing loudly in some Middle Eastern language. The talking went on and off till four when the sound then changed to the most horrendous snoring. Why leave home, a lovely quiet house, and come here!  Well it gives memories.

The toilets are different – two beside each other with locks that don’t work to be shared by men and women. There are two sinks for washing beside each other and there are two showers. It’s very clean but! There is also nice clear glass on the windows so even the public can join in.


The day turned out one of beautiful sunshine. We went for a walk first thing after I had an awful shower. The floor was awash. The shower room/toilet was just full of foreign people washing, shaving and showering. Not very nice for the women here.

We went to the shops and had a wander round Mallaig.

We have had dreadful news. On the walk Anne’s mobile got a signal. There was a text from our friend Alistair – his estranged wife Preya has died. We have got so fond of their three children – like substitute grandchildren to us. How incredibly sad. I’m not meaning to be selfish but it has just cast a shadow over our holiday. How can we enjoy ourselves when they are so hurting.

This is the Mission Bunkhouse.


We will be taking this ferry tomorrow. We are looking over to the Sleat Peninsula across the Sound of Sleat. You can make out the college Sabhal Mòr Ostaig to the right of the ferry.


The Roman Catholic church – a nice wee building.


Anne has a brae named after her, so does our Dave. Pity it wasn’t Charlie’s Brae.


This is the Church of Scotland.


Then we came back and had a coffee and a biscuit. I spent time on yeterday’s photos and managed to get them onto my website (as can be seen!). We then went back out for Anne to get postcards and came back to our bunks. I took some photos of the place. You have to go out along a roof balcony to get to the kitchen and sitting room.


The kitchen was well provided for.


And the sitting room is comfortable.


Just after midday we went to the Mini and got it ready for going off. We came to the station as the Jacobite was to arrive at 12.25. It did and I was ready to video it but had left the SD card for the camera in my netbook! A disaster. I raced back for it and took a couple of stills instead.


Then we headed to Morar. We parked the Mini at the station and sat out on a nice blue seat to eat our lunch – I had a couple of pork pies, an apple and a bag of crisps all washed down with a can of Pepsi.


We followed a route on the SatNav though it didn’t work properly as the route had too many points but we did get to the silver sands. We went to the much more unused beaches on the Mallaig side. They were beautiful and we never saw a soul.


The sun was shining and it even felt warm so I tried a paddle. Don’t paddle in October. The sea was freezing and the sand was freezing.


Hate getting sand out from wet toes. An old man shouldn’t be paddling anyway.


We came back to the car at Morar Station and could hear the Jacobite coming down the line.

I got my video. It even stopped for a couple of minutes so I got my photos. Perfect timing.


We then went onto Arisaig.

We did a round walk coming back by Rhue. It followed a ‘canal’ to the Loch of the Swans – Loch nan Eala.


We passed a field with deer and cattle in it. It is too bright to make out properly.


And here is the Loch nan Eala.


When we got to the tarred road again the views to Rhum and Eigg were stunning.


We had an ice-cream in Arisaig.


We followed the coastal road on the way back getting these stunning views out to the inner isles. We stopped for a wee look. Then we came back to Mallaig. We spent a wee while in our bunk room and then headed to the chip shop directly across the road but picked up cash at an autobank first. It took a while for our suppers to come. We went to the Mini parked in the main car park and watched the sunset listening to Neil Diamond.


Before returning to the bunkhouse we went down to the ferry pier to check things out before we cross over to Skye tomorrow morning.

So here we are sitting in our bunk room to avoid Sybil. We have had a lovely day but have had the shadow of poor Preya’s death over it. There is even more to pray for.