Monday 13th October – Mallaig

Here is another adventure in my little green Mini. We got the Mini packed, a feat in itself. We left Contullich maybe about half one and headed down the A9, across the Cromarty Bridge turning right to go by Ferintosh.

We headed to Beauly than over the Coul na Kirk to Drumnadrochit. We stopped by Loch Ness to stretch stiff legs. You get very stiff in the Mini. I love it but it is a very uncomfortable little car.


We pushed on down the Great Glen enjoying the autumn colours. It was a bit duller than at home. We stopped by Loch Lochy and had something to eat.


Then it was on down to Fort William. We got into Fort William maybe quarter to four.

We parked the car at the car park above the town. We used to stop here with the children. We decided to get our bearings so we walked through the underpass to the station and to Morrisons.


We decided we would get petrol in Morrisons and have our tea there and then head to Mallaig. We came back to the High Street and went into various shops. I took one or two photos.


This is the Free Church


It’s good to make new friends. This marks the end, or the start, of the West Highland Way.


We got back to the car before five and took it to Morrisons. I put petrol in it – didn’t take much. Then we went into Morrisons cafe and had fish and chips. Very nice and very reasonable.

It took a while but we left for Mallaig before six taking the Road to the Isles. This is a beautiful road with many happy memories. Passed Corpach, the wee house at Kinlocheil and then we stopped at the Catholic Church at Glenfinnan – probably where my Cameron ancestors worshipped! Mairi would like to get married here. It is lovely but can a Presbyterian wedding be held in a Roman Catholic church? We had a look around, took some photos and had a wee walk down a wee path in the twilight. Sorry the light is so poor


Then we headed to Mallaig. There was a beautiful sunset. We got here not long after seven. We are staying at the Mission Bunkhouse. Website – Mission Bunkhouse. It is different!! The room is tiny (room 1).


All that is in it is a bunkbed and a chest of drawers. It is Spartan.


The people who run it are very nice – probably Polish. We went for a while to the sitting room where our companions were an older English lady who was quite annoying, a German girl who was quite pleasant travelling on her own and a Romanian man who is working here on the boats his wife and wee girl in Romania. So quite cosmopolitan. We blethered for a while. The English woman spoke like Sybil Faulty and strangely started up a conversation with the German girl how there was no problems with the Germans now despite the war.

I couldn’t connect to the Wifi with all the action in the sitting room but now I’m in our room with time to think I’ve got it. It is kind of cold. I had water and a biscuit for supper. I’m sure things were easier in Colditz. Glad Anne chose the place and not me. She is in bed already. It is noisy. People moving back and fore; loud sneezing; and there is mechanical work being done at the harbour just outside our window which can’t be closed. But hey ho we are having a wonderful time!


Hope to get some photos on maybe tomorrow.