A walk round Strathrusdale – 9.5 miles

3rd January 2015

Anne, Mairi and myself went for a walk round Strathrusdale, a walk Anne and I did last January. It was very cold with a very sharp wind coming from the north-west. We left after lunch and took the car up to Ardross and set off up the road into Strathrusdale just after 1 pm.

Just reached the end of the public road at Braeantra. The cold was getting to me so I was bursting for the loo. I went as soon as I got into the trees of the forest.

And on to the bridge over Black Water. I can remember Shug and me having a picnic here after visiting old Mrs Alison at Stitenham. We took a long cycle home round Loch Morie. We got devoured by midgies. One great thing about winter – there are no midgies.

This is the cross-roads and furthest out point before turning back. It was good to have the wind behind. Just a wee bit on is the highest point of the day at 950 ft.

A bit further along we stopped and had something to eat and drink in the shelter of the forest. It was too cold and snowy to sit so just ate standing. We moved on again.

We came across a caravan – I felt like knocking to see if anyone was in. Under the snow this is just a dirt road.

As the forest opened Strathrusdale came back into view.

The way ahead is down – easy going

This is zoomed with the camera – it does a poor job. It’s looking to the old mill at Braeantra.

I took this as the cloud was so strange.

And a selfie!

Looking back at the way we have come.

Looking over to Beinn Tharsuin. The old school house can just be seen about centre.

This is the moonrise.

Reached Black Water and the lower bridge. There is very little light for photos.

Only a mile to go now – but it climbs back to the Ardross road.

It was snowing as we got back to the car and the light was out of the day. It was only 4.25 pm. I’m longing for the longer late spring and early summer days when there are hours of daylight.