Walk from Evanton to Invergordon – 14th February 2015

This is not a long walk but Anne and I have wanted to do it for a while. We took both cars through to Invergordon. I parked the Mini behind the Royal Bank at the car park there. Anne went to deliver a birthday parcel to a friend and spent some time talking, so I got a bit cold sitting in a steamed up Mini waiting. She picked me up and we went through to Evanton in her Fusion and parked it there in the car park beside the Church of Scotland. We headed up the High Street till we reached the limit signs. We then followed the cycle track all the way to Invergordon. It is now tarred the whole way. The day got more overcast and foggy as it went on but it was dry with very little wind. We didn’t have jackets, just body warmers. Still needed gloves. But the snow is now all gone. Anne had her new camera with her and took photos. Its a pity the day was so foggy, the colours were not good to test her camera. Just leaving Evanton and onto the cycle track. There are a lot of snowdrops now. One garden in Evanton had a lot of crocuses.

At least Fyrish can be seen.

DIGITAL CAMERAThe cycle track follows the railway to Novar Toll.

I had been needing the loo and at Novar Toll I disappeared over the embankment.  The little lady decide to photo me coming back with the new camera!

DIGITAL CAMERAWe finally reached Alness and this is the path at the Crawl Park. I follow this most days cycling to school in Invergordon. At the top is Alness Academy. It is a lovely route to work.

DIGITAL CAMERA DIGITAL CAMERAWe went to Morrisons and had something to eat at the Cafe there. I had an empire biscuit washed down with that most refreshing of drinks – Coke. Anne had something she likes called a Pecan Plait. And she had water. The sort of food rabbits and guinea pigs eat! It was good to have a rest but hard to get going again. This is us just beyond LIDL crossing the A9.

DIGITAL CAMERAThere are two scruffy sheep in the field on the rise behind the house at the sewage farm. The sewage farm was yowfing!

DIGITAL CAMERAThis ancient stone is in the field near the boat club.

DIGITAL CAMERABy now it was getting really foggy. You could hardly see the oil rigs in the firth. There are a few in just now. This is just into Invergordon above the Donkey Bridge.

DIGITAL CAMERAAnd Invergordon Station. A car stopped here. It was an old pupil of mine, Holly, with her granny. A very nice pupil. She is just back from Patagonia. My oldest son will remember her!!

DIGITAL CAMERAAnd back to the Mini. We were both a bit tender footed – I think with walking all on tar. But it was a super walk – 7.8 miles.