11th February 2013


It was the February long weekend, the forecast was good so Anne and I went on a wee trip. We used to have lovely holidays at Auntie Rene and Morag’s wee tin cottage in Kinlocheil. They are not my blood aunts but close friends of my mother. Rene went to Edinburgh University with my mother. They have become close friends to Anne and myself and close friends to my children. Our feelings are the same as if they were blood relatives. They could well be because of our forebearers living in this same area. So we headed down to Kinlocheil.

We had a lovely drive down over the Coul na kirk to Drumnadrochit, then down the Great Glen. We stopped at the commando monument at Spean Bridge.

We took the Gairlochy road to Banavie and then headed down the Fort William to Malaig road. We stopped at the wee cottage at Kinlocheil. Auntie Rene and Morag are older now and have passed the wee house on to a relative. We had permission to have a wee nose around.

The wee house looks lovely. It is being taken care of. What is amazing is how far things are on in the west. Here the daffodils are nearly coming into bloom. They are not through the ground yet back at home on the east.

Then we went for our walk from Glenfinnan to Guisachan. We parked the car at Callop and followed the track. Why? My great great grandfather, Donald Cameron came from Guisachan. I am fortunate enough to have a copy of a picture of him.

Here is some information from my mother – Donald Cameron (Red Donald of the Prayers) was a sheep farmer in Guisachan, Lochsheilside (Glenfinnan). He was described as a tacksman (a tennant farmer). He was brought up in Moidart, the Rough Bounds. His family, including Hector Cameron were all baptised in the church of Rome except the youngest daughter Anne. He became a protestant after reading his wife’s Bible. He was also greatly influenced by Neil MacLean (see “By-paths of Highland Church History” by Principal John MacLeon D.D pp 21 and pp 41-43). Margaret MacLean the wife of Donald Cameron she was a Protestant. She was connected to the MacLeans of Duart. He is buried on Finnan’s Isle further down Loch Shiel. I visited his grave a number of years ago with my parents.

Cemetery-Eilean Fhianain Family-Cameron Erected by the Children Including Two Sons in Australia Ewen and Martin In Affectionate Remembrance of Their Beloved Parents Donald Cameron Late Tacksman Guisachan, LochShielside. Who Died January 1877. And Margaret Mclean His Loving Spouse Who Died April 1850. But back to our walk!

We stopped for our picnic dinner and nearly froze. It was a lovely day but very cold.

And here is Guesachan. It’s a dump really. We walked here a few years ago with the children and it wasn’t like this. The foreshore has been bulldozed and there are lorry containers being used as sheds and other rubbish. Its a beautiful area that has been spoiled. The track makes it easy to get here but it is horrible, too. I think Donald Cameron wouldn’t like it. Where his house was, I don’t know.

We saw deer very close and they didn’t run so they must be used to people.

We went on another mile or so. Quite stunning.

On the way back Anne wanted a wee detour by Loch View. It was well worth it.

And back at the car.

We went back north to Fort Augustus and had our tea in the restaurant by the canal. We then headed to Inverness by the Foyers, Dores road and went to see my dad and mum. Then home. A long, lovely day.