A walk from Nairn to Cawdor and back with Anne and Mairi.

16th October 2105

We decided to do this walk after Anne and Mairi had been to Nairn and seen the walk signposted. I downloaded instructions and a GPX route from Walkhighlands

This was a beautiful but cold autumn day to do this 12.4 mile walk. Mairi had a day off for some public holiday. Anne and I are on holiday. We drove through to Nairn. We parked in the library car park at about 11:35 and made our way to the start at the clock-towered court building on Nairn High Street.

Very soon you turn onto Church Street.

And make your way past the cemetery and down to the river.

100_6945 100_6946
Not far after is the railway bridge which is quite impressive.

We kept on up the river passing the Jubilee Bridge.

From which I took this picture looking back to the railway bridge.

There is still some blossoms around.

We passed a park area on the right and started to leave Nairn behind.

We crossed the River Nairn by the Firhall Bridge and continued up the other bank.

100_6953 100_6954 100_6955
The route is fantastically signposted.

100_6956 100_6957
Eventually you have to cross the main road at Howford. The path follows the road for a short distance.

100_6958 100_6959 100_6960 100_6961 100_6962
And then onto the Geddes Burn Bridge. It was built by the Royal Engineers in 1999.

100_6963 100_6965
We were getting peckish and were looking for a seat or even a log in the sunshine but none came. So at 12.40  we just moved down beside the river onto some gravel. Not very comfy but at least getting the sun’s warmth. We had a nice picnic – roll, crisps and chocolate biscuit helped on its way with apple juice.

100_6966 100_6967
So modest I can’t resist a ‘selfie’.

100_6968 100_6969 100_6970
Refreshed a bit we moved on up the river.

Graeme’s Pool is rather a sad place. 14 is so young to die.

100_6972 100_6973
The going gets muddy for a while and then reaches a stone embankment. This took us out the trees and it felt warm in the sun. This continued for quite a while.

100_6974 100_6975 100_6976 100_6977 100_6978
Getting nearer Cawdor mistakes could be made on finding the right paths but these white arrows made it very clear.

100_6979 100_6981
Autumn is definitely here.

100_6982 100_6983 100_6984 100_6985
At last we reached this wee bridge and arrived at Cawdor.

100_6986 100_6987 100_6988 100_6990
We headed to the village store and bought ice creams and a sweety and juice to help us on the way down. We reached the shop about 2.40.

100_6993 100_6994 100_6995
Then it was time to head back! Anne had wet feet. Mairi had a blister. I am suffering from a bad knee at present but it felt much better. But we were tired.

I didn’t take any pictures on the way back. We stopped at the bridge over the Geddes Burn and had a wee picnic sitting on the step. We kept a good pace reaching Nairn High Street at about 4.40. Anne went into Nickel and Dime. Mairi and I got money from the Bank of Scotland. We got to the car at 4:50.

We came back to Balloch and got Chinese carry outs which we just ate in the car. What a nice day.