Vonroad 21Th Sport!  MOT

5th May 2016

I have been rebuilding this scooter for the past five years, very on and off. It belonged to my eldest son, Hugh. We gave this to him after he had saved up and bought himself a wee Honda scooter which then stopped running. We felt so sorry for him.We purchased a brand new Chinese scooter costing about £750. It came from ‘americanroubles’ whose delivery charges are much higher now. It came in a crate. I put it together 10 years ago, now. Hugh rode it for three years particularly to preach on Sundays. So it did the journey up to the North Coast a lot where he did quite a bit of preaching as a young man. He trashed it seven years ago. I gained possession of the wreckage on the 26th December 2011.

Slowly I have collected parts for it on Ebay over the years. The plastic panels were a pain but I managed to get all but one second hand – rear left and right fairing panels, left and right vent panels, rear joining panel, rear under light joining panel, footwell panel,  front footwell panel and lower right and left side panels. I got the left front vent panel new. I had to straighten a bracket on the frame and weld up a crack on it. We had cannibalised the clutch and variator for Hugh’s other scooter but I got these new from ‘petrolscooter’ on Ebay, a fantastic company. They also provided an exhaust and gaskets, engine fan, oil filter, grips, and levers. I got forks and a centre stand second hand, again on Ebay. It required a new rear tyre and battery. All bolts removed were replaced with stainless to aid stripping in future. That’s why I had to replace the forks. All the bolts had corroded in and they snapped off.

I insured the scooter from 1st May (Bikesure £99.46) and booked an MOT with Tom McBride at Spinningdale Motors for 5th May. I took time off early from school (about half an hour) and headed north on a nice dry but windy day. It was really quite exciting to drive it after these years. It drove fine but my word there’s not much power! I got to Tom’s early, so went up the road to a car park for a woodland walk and killed 10 – 15 minutes. Then I came back down. This picture is actually clipped from Google Street View.

My appointment was at 4.30 but Tom was running late so the MOT was not completed till 5.40. However Tom found the engine mount was loose and didn’t fail me but tightened it up himself. He’s a good guy. So I have an MOT for my wee scoot! I was excited.

I paid my debts, £29.65, and headed for Golspie and the Chip shop – The Trawlerman. I got a Scotch Pie and chips and a can of Coke and sat out by the sea. A happy contented man. But my word it was cold in the wind.

This is where I sat. Thanks John. The seat seemed to be made from Caithness flagstone.

Ain’t she a beaut! Multi coloured. A Lexmoto Gladiator uses the same panels, and that’s what I got from Ebay, hence the rather unusual appearance and naming.

Still to get the fuel gauge to work.

I finished my healthy tea and headed back to the Mound. Once across it I branched off by Loch Buidhe one of my favourite drives. The wee bike really pounded on the bumpy surface.

Here’s a wee video driving up the Loch Buidhe road.

So here is Loch Buidhe and time to look at the bike.