A walk from Tore Cemetery to Munlochy with Anne

7th May 2016 

Anne and I went for a walk kind of early to enjoy an almost summer day. It was still cold. We drove over to Tore Cemetery and parked the car there. We headed off about 9.10 towards Tore and then turned right onto the Cotterton Road.

We continued on the Munlochy track. It runs beside where the old Black Isle Railway ran.

Here’s a sign there was a railway once upon a time. An old bridge.

The track then comes to a posh are “The Birches” where there are lots of horses.

Then onto the Munlochy Road. The hawthorn is out.

And reaching Munlochy.

We went to the shop and bought a piece of millionaire shortbread and juice. We sat on a bench by the car park and ate our goodies. About 10.05. The wind was really cold.

Then we headed out of Munlochy on the Kessock Road and turned right at the Church of Scotland.

This road cuts right back to the Tore Road.

Oil see rape but too cold to be to smelly.

Just look at the wood anemones at the side of the road.

Never seen the wood anemones with this purple on them.

Then we hit the Tore Road and headed back up to the cemetery.

We reached the cemetery about 11.20 and went in. My Uncle Hector is buried here.

And my dad. What would they make of our Free Church now!

There are two other Free church ministers here. I remember both of them.

Walter MacQuarrie was the owner of my grand-father clock. He gave it to my dad in 1960 when we moved to Knockbain.

Then we headed home. I thought I should put another walk on my website. I’ve been a bit remiss at updates.