12th July 2017

Scooter run to Caithness – 218 miles

I left home at 9.05 to go for a run north on the trusty Vonroad 21Th, that most famous of scooter models. It was a good day with a good forecast.

I went down to Alness and got petrol at Morrisons overfilling both the tank and the extra container I take with me. There was even a puddle of the stuff in the underseat storage compartment.

I went into LIDL to get biscuits (Jacob’s Orangs Club), chocolate and drinks for the day (Barrs American Ice Cream Soda). The pack of four cans slid off the seat and there was a horrible banging sound followed by the noise of fluid spilling. Yes I burst one of the cans and this made a bit of a mess. I had to dispose of a whole ruptured can in LIDL itself. I smelled of Barrs American Ice Cream Soda and petrol for the day. What a start!

I went up by Mossfield onto the Scotsburn Road and onto Tain. Then the old Vonroad and myself turned left onto the A9 and down and over the Dornoch Bridge. The first real stop of the day was at Loch Fleet. I needed a wee rest. This is a lovely spot.

I was making a video diary of the day and I get very self-conscious about doing so. As I was chatting to the camera a Landrover full of people came in so I had to stop.

I had one of my cans of the lovely Barrs American Ice Cream Soda. This is the second most bashed can after the major disaster. It was accompanied by a Club biscuit and some chocolate.

Fortified, I headed North. Between Golspie and Brora some maniac driver in a Peuogot started harassing me and indicating that I should pull in at a lay-by. Who was? My little brother on his way to work. He is retired but has a job as a community support health worker. This is his professional rig-out. We blethered for a wee while and then it was off again.

This time I just kept going to Lybster where I went to the local convenience. The scooter made it up Berrydale Brae, very slowly.

And then pushed on through Wick and onto John o’Groats arriving at 12.25. I had my lunch on the beach here just below Uncle Hector’s sheep fank. This was Uncle Hectors way to the Cowrie Beach. I didn’t go as far as the Cowrie Beach.

It’s a lovely run along the North coast to the Halladale road beyond Reay. This is Dounreay coming up. It should still be producing electricity. Once we led the world but panicked after Chernobyl and gave up. Now we have to buy the technology from France and China!

And this looks back to Dounreay.

And finally onto the Halladale Road. I just love this road. I stopped just a wee bit down to top up the fuel tank from the reserve canister I carry with me. I also answered natures call. The day became cloudy till reaching the East Coast again.

And here is the crux of the day – Glen Loth. This is such an amazing road; out in the cuds as Ewan and Charlie would describe it.

Up on the top I stopped for more to eat at about 3.30.

I kept going then to near Aulanamain. I stopped as I was getting sore and when went to record on video my camera ran out of memory.

And home at 5.00pm. Another good scooter run.