1st March 2018

A walk to LIDL (4.9 miles)

There is something wonderful about a ‘snow day’.

I got this text from school –

Due to the weather and adverse travel conditions Invergordon Academy is closed today (Thursday 1 March). SNOW DAY! 🙂 H

I walked down to Alness to pick up a steak pie for my tea. The sun shone the whole time. The wind was like ice from the East. Snow was forecast. But the sun is stronger now and I felt very comfortable.

Fyrish from before the ‘muddy path’ on the Corkscrew Road.

The ‘muddy path’. Today a ‘snowy path’.

Just about to go along Hill Street, looking to Firhill.

Looking back along Hill Street.

I cut down to the Crawl Parke and then up to Alness Academy. They were closed as well. Most unusual on a Thursday not to see cars in the staff car park!

I cycle down this bit of the cycle track most school days when the weather is good.

And LIDL. As well as procuring a steak pie I bought an apple turnover for a wee treat.

Then went to Morrisons.

For a scone and a fruit shoot

I went to Morrisons loo and then headed to the High Street.

There is ice all along the Averon. This is the first day of March. Spring is supposed to be on its way.

I came back along Hill Street and went up Coulhill Road to the start of Coulhill Wood.

And took the path to the Corkscrew Road.

This is at the end, part of the old curling pond.

And the gate out the wood onto the top of the Corkscrew Road.

As I was taking photos just below the house a car stopped. It was Claire Ross another member of staff with a friend. They were going up Fyrish.

I took this to show that the snow clouds are not far. I missed them all.

What a grand day.