3rd July 2018

Ballater Adventure (219 miles)

I’m on holiday. Anne was away. Lets scooter. Ballater again. I love this run.

I left at 10.15 and went by Foulis Station as usual to keep off the busy A9. Here I met a German bus, guided this was way by their GPS! I gave the driver some help and he walked the route to see if he could do it. He headed up and I closed the crossing gates.

I went over the Black Isle keeping to the back roads and went into Tesco at Inverness for supplies.

This is what you need to keep you going.

I cut round by Ardersier, then the back of Brodie and came to Forres. I stopped between Edinvale and Dallas for my lunch. The day was beautiful and very hot. We have had some summer so far.

I passed Craigellachie and Duffton and got onto the lovely Cabrach road. I stopped at Bridgened for a couple of pictures.

And a bit further near Cabrach I stopped to rest. I was almost falling asleep on the scooter. So I lay in the sun for a while and shut my eyes.

And then pushed on to Ballater. The antique shop in Mossat was closed today. On arriving in Ballater I dropped my helmet and scratched the visor. It was so hot. I got a Bounty and a can of Barrs Cola at the COOP. I just sat at a seat on the green by the church to eat it. It was mobbed by holiday makers.

We have had virtually no rain since April which is wonderful for us. But it is so dry. Just look at the grass.

And then headed towards Tomintoul stopping at Bridge of Gairn.

This is climbing to the Lecht.

Corgarff Castle.

And stopped at the dump at the top of the Lecht.

I kept going onto Tomintoul and through Grantown on Spey. Then headed onto the Dava Moor and took a picture of the stone. I think I’ve missed it before. This describes what Jesus does.

I stopped before Dulsi Bridge to make my tea. Yes I cooked it!

This is reaching above Croy.

I got home about 8.35

I wore my helmet camera and hoped to give some ‘amazing videos’. No. I had the angle wrong and all my videos are of the scooters front wheel and the road whizzing by.