Tuesday 16th October 2018

Glasgow – Day 2

We got up at 7.05. I didn’t sleep too badly for being in a strange place. We had our breakfast in our room – a cheese roll and coffee. We didn’t invest in the cooked breakfast. It would have added another £40 to our stay and we don’t eat much for breakfast. After we had showers etc we were ready for off.

These are pictures of our room. We actually got an en-suite family room when we had asked for a double room with private toilet. This was better and for the same price. It was very comfortable.

Look at the Victorian plaster work on the ceiling. 

And the stairway.

Anne wanted to go to the Faith Mission Bookshop on Bothwell Street. We walked there. I stupidly decided to wear a new pair of shoes and my little toes were feeling pretty raw by the time I got there.

This is Duke Street. Some parts of Glasgow are very run down.

Then we reached the amazing George Square.

I continued to take photos as we made our way to the bookshop.

This is a very famous church – St. George’s Tron Parish Church.

Glasgow has the most stunning buildings.

We went into the Faith Mission Bookshop and looked at the books and other items. Anne bought some things. We then went to the cafe part. I had a piece of millionaire shortbread and coke. As we were eating who should come in but Leslie Irvine and a wee while later, Lucy. So we had a wee time together.

We went to the loo and then went up to St Vincent Street and caught the number 2 bus out to the Kelvin Grove Museum.

The museum is quite a building. We didn’t go into the museum just now but walked up through Kelvin Grove. We kept walking up towards Great Western Road and eventually had to ask directions to the Botanic Gardens from a street sweeper. He was a most helpful and pleasant man. We picked up some things for lunch at a COOP. We went round both glass houses and then had our picnic at a seat in the park.

And at last we reached the Botanic Gardens where we had a ramble round the glasshouses. As I was taking photos Anne wandered off and we got separated. I didn’t have my phone and started to panic. Not so much for myself but for Anne. I eventually found her sitting on a seat.

This is quite a roof.

Picnic time.

My bag of crisps was crammed full of crisps. This is after eating quite a bit. It’s normally the other way!

This squirrel came out a bit fuzzy. In fact as we were going into the first glass house one was coming out. We got so near we could have picked it up. But they are so fast and by the time I got the camera out it was too late. This is fuzzy as it was moving so quickly, and therefore so was I.

We then walked the whole length of Byers Road down to Dumbarton Road calling in at some shops on the way. Then the rain started. 

Familiar territory. This is Highburgh Road and I’d often walk from the school to here at lunchtime.

My friend Gilbert MacInnes lived on Havelock Street and I would leave him at his house while I went to the bakers for a bridie and millionaire shortbread.

I think this is what remains of the baths we went to from primary school.

We went into the museum. At first we sat listening to an organ recital. It was lovely. We looked at some things upstairs the most interesting being a display about St Kilda. 

This is the Kelvin Hall on the right and the museum on the left.

We the went to look at the paintings. Of course we had to see Salvador Dali’s Christ of St John of the Cross. Its a painting I remember from childhood days in Glasgow. It is in a different place now. It’s a wonderful painting.

We also went to see the display of the Glasgow Boys paintings. They are special. I particularly liked one of A Highland Funeral by Sir James Guthrie.

We caught a number 2 bus back into town and then headed to the Buchanan Street Galleries to buy one or two gifts. My senior citizen bus pass is amazing.

I was very footsore by now and we tramped our way back to the Onslow Guest House where I discovered I had blisters. We rested for a while.

We went out for our tea heading up Onslow Drive and onto Cumbernauld Road where we went to the Poa San Chinese Restaurant.

I had chicken fried rice with coke and it was delicious. Of course you get a fortune cookie. This is the message I got. Makes you feel special! Anne, my secret admirer, had chicken balls with sweet and sour sauce. We came the long way home onto Alexandra Parade and called at a shop on the way.

This is Alexandra Park.

The things you see in Glasgow!

So we have walked quite a bit today. (2.0 + 3.7 + 1.9 + 1.7 = 9.3 miles)