Wednesday 17th October 2018

Glasgow – Day 3

We went back home today but taking the long way via Edinburgh. This was so we could see the family. We got up at 7.05 and breakfasted, shaved, showered and packed luggage. Anne always likes to strip the beds when we stay at a hotel or guest house. She hasn’t realised that that is the people’s job. Well this is what she found. This was my pillow. Not one of the nicest pillows. Hers was the same.

We were away before 9.00 and at Charlie and Kirsty by 10.00. I made an error coming into Edinburgh and ended up near the new Queensferry crossing!

We chatted for a while and then went out to Laureston Castle. The grounds here are lovely. We hunted for conkers but only found three!

We had lunch and stayed till 3.00 entertaining our lovely grandchildren. We picked up a picnic before leaving Edinburgh and drove to Perth. We got petrol in Perth and then stopped to eat our picnic just outside. We motored north on the speed limit as we were trying to get home for the prayer meeting. We stopped for chip suppers at Kingussie and had them in a lay-by just outside. I had a steak pie and chips washed down with the bottle of banana milk bought earlier. We got home at 6.50 and got to the prayer meeting which young Murdo Campbell minister of Barvas was taking. He was excellent on Psalm 23. A great end to our wee adventure to the south.