10th November 2018

A scooter run to Loch Brora (103 miles)

It is November and five weeks Friday will be the shortest day. It is dark now round about 5 o’clock. The forecast for the day was great with the temperature to reach 10°C. What better way to spend the time than go for a scooter adventure.

I left the house on my wee scooter not long before midday. Anne and I had had a lovely walk down to Alness in the morning.

I stopped before Aultnamain on the Struie to take a photo of the hills of Sutherland where I was headed. The light is so difficult to get decent pictures.

Once passed Aultnamain I took the single track road down to Edderton. This is a better photo of the hills of Sutherland.

Using the zoom lens shows Ben Bhraggie, above Golspie.

And a bit further down was this ruin hidden by bushes.

Just outside Edderton I stopped at the old parish church.

And once I reached the Dornoch Bridge I took some more photos.

I then kept going until I reached Brora and then stopped at the COOP for supplies.

Brora is probably not the most beautiful place!

I waited till I reached Loch Brora before eating. Loch Brora is a very beautiful loch. This road through Strath Brora to Rogart is wonderful. Single track all the way.

Further along. With the satnav set to short it took me behind Rogart itself.

And when I reached Rogart I stopped to take a picture of the Free Church.

When I was a boy, in Golspie, Mr Aitken was minister. He was an awfully nice man. My main memory of him is that he chain smoked. He had a moustache which was supposed to be white or grey but was orange. His two fingers he used to grip the cigarette with were also orange.

I remember, too, being take to the manse beside the church where Mrs Aitken’s father lived as well. He was over 100.

And then on to Lairg.

This is before Rosehall. I so hate wind-turbines and wind-farms.

Even in this photo, if you look carefully, is a wind-farm.

Before Rosehall the hills of West Sutherland came into view.

After Rosehall I went onto the Inveroykel, Culrain road, and down to the Baillie bridge. I didn’t eat here, as I often do, but took a few photos.

Inveroykel Lodge using the zoom lens.

This is a bit further on looking back up the Oykel River.

Another Highland ruin.

Further down, Carbisdale Castle.

The entrance to Carbisdale Castle.

I stopped a wee bit beyond Carbisdale Castle to eat a small Dairymilk and washed it down with a small carton of strawberry milk. Where I was looked over to Bonar Bridge.

I had to move on as the sun had set behind the hills and it was very much colder. I went through Ardgay and over the Struie.

Looking to the Dornoch Bridge. Nine miles to home!

It was great to get out on the scooter so late in the year. I would be surprised if I managed another trip. You can get severe snow by the end of November. It was another great day.