6th July 2019

A walk from Nairn to Cawdor following the river with Anne and Mairi (11.8 miles).

We have done this walk several times. It was the start of the holiday and we felt we needed exercise. We parked our car nearer the river. Previously we had left it in the centre.

We had gone to Forres first, to Mackenzie & Cruickshank for one of their scones. They have the most amazing scones. We came back to Nairn so didn’t start walking till near 11.30.

I had taken my old Kodak camera as it is smaller but got hassle to start. I don’t think I replaced the batteries properly. So I missed some nice pictures. It was overcast and cooler but a smashing day for a walk. We headed up the river – due south west.

We crossed the river and went up the left bank. The path is super.

I did get these flowers. There were pink ones further on which the camera refused to take.

We kept walking till 1.05 when we stopped for lunch by the river.

Fortified we headed on to Cawdor.

Anne found this amazing feather. She took it home. The blue was stunning. Its a pity the old Kodak took such a fuzzy picture.

And reached Cawdor.

We went as far as the village shop hoping for a toilet but no joy. It was almost 2.00 when we got there. We bought some sweeties and headed back. We admired the porch on the cottage here. Maybe we will try a similar one at Contullich.

As we got near Nairn we crossed over the river and came back the other side.

It was 4.20 when we got back to the car a bit stiff in the legs. What a lovely walk.