23rd July 2019

Trip to Fraserburgh (288 miles)

Today had an amazing weather forecast so it was time for another trip, this trip was to do  bigger mileage than I would normally do on a scooter. It was the most miles I’ve done on a scooter in 1 day. Of course it had to be the Majesty. I left the house at 10.15 and went down to Alness to pick up petrol at Morrisons. It was almost 10.30 by the time I left Alness.

The fuel consumption worked out for the last tankful

24585.6 – 24428.7 = 156.9 miles

7.83 litres = 1.72 gallons

Fuel consumption = 91.08 mpg.

That is quite impressive but as the day went on I found there is about a 5% error on the trip meter.

I stopped on the Black Isle above Culbokie to take a picture of Ben Wyvis.

I moved on over the Black Isle and through Inverness. I took the Essech road out to Dunlichity to the cemetery where some of my Cameron and MacQueen ancestors are buried. My mum has paid for the family grave stones to be cleaned and re-lettered. I had to remove the suckers of sycamore tree between the stones.

I left Dunlichity and moved over to Farr. On the way I passed Tordaroch which was one of the Shaw Mackenzie estates. I don’t know who has it now. The Shaw Mackenzies originally owned Newhall Mains where my granduncle farmed. He sold it back to Johnny Shaw.

This is the lovely wee Free Presbyterian Church at Farr.

I then headed out on the amazing wild road that goes from Farr to Slochd. I had meant to do this road before in the opposite direction on 7th August 2018 when I went to Loch Laggan but made a navigational error and came back onto the A9. It is a wonderful road. This is Loch Farr. 

On this road I reached the maximum height for the day – 1565 feet above sea level. Descending a bit and just before Slochd you cross the river Findhorn by this amazing bridge.

I pushed on skirting Carrbridge and stopped just beyond Dulnain Bridge for lunch. This was at 12.55. I didn’t move off till 1.20. This time I ate just what I normally eat at this part of the day. A cheese sandwich, a packet of crisps and an apple. I usually wash it down with coffee, but today it was Pepsi Max. The temperature was high now. I was sweating. I took all my bike clothes off while I had my lunch. Carrbridge reached 27°C today but was 25°C at this time.

I seemed to have stopped at a geological park.

I moved past Grantown on Spey and took the narrow and quiet road on the North side of the Spey. Again a new road to me. It is always great to find a new road to explore. This one was a delight. Somewhere along it was this lovely view of the Spey River.

The countryside is lovely out here.

I had to stop for a wee rest and get my boots off and lie in the sun.

I then pushed on to Craigellachie and stopped a bit beyond Keith, getting near Banff.

And then reached the sea. This is the golf course at Macduff.

And reached my destination Fraserburgh at 3.55. I went to ASDA to get petrol.

The fuel consumption worked out for the last tankful

24738.6 – 24585.6 = 153 miles

8.17 litres = 1.8 gallons

Fuel consumption = 85.12 mpg.

Not quite so good when you take in the 5% error.

I went exploring and looking for an ice-cream in my motorcycle gear. I was gently cooking. Fraserburgh reached 24°C today.

This is the harbour. It is a fairly major fishing port.

In the town was this fish sculpture.

And some wonderful churches.

I found an ice-cream shop, bought a cone and headed down to my bike. It was so hot hot the ice-cream was melting and I managed to get it on my breeks! This old man is becoming a real messy eater. This is back at the scooter.

I headed home by the Coastal Trail.

This is a wee bit along the way at Sandhaven.

Going out of Sandhaven was this lovely deserted fisherman’s cottage.

Wonderful coastline.

I stopped again in Macduff to get a few pictures. This is where my old principle teacher, Doug Finlayson, was from. It is a bonny place.

Beyond Macduff the Coastal Trail took me into Whitehills. It was 5.40. I was getting hungry and saw a chip-shop called Rockfish. I went in and ordered a steak pie and chips. Well they offered me a delicacy I have never had before – a battered and deep fried pie. I decided to go for it. I had to wait over 20 minutes for it.

I went down to the harbour and found a seat to eat my pie. It was too hot. The old man spilled the gravy from his pie down his clean tea-shirt. I don’t know what the crew in front were doing. They arrived on a boat and unloaded two strange boxes. They were young so they weren’t North coast fishers. It made interesting people-watching as I ate.

I finally left Whitehills at 6.35 and moved on to Cullen. We have visited Cullen often and love it.

Coming to Buckie.

I went out to Spey Bay where the Spey I passed earlier in the day enters the North Sea. It is where the Speyside way starts (or finishes).

The next place I stopped at was Lossiemouth. One good thing about following the Coastal Trail is you avoid Elgin and its many roundabouts. Lossiemouth was hot and busy. Lossiemouth, even on the coast by the sea, reached 27°C today. It was still 25°C at 8.00 when I arrived. What a wonderful summer’s day.

Burghead was my next stop.

You can see Morven up in Caithness. Here is the above zoomed in.

Before coming onto the busy A96 I called in at Kinloss Abbey. It was getting later in the evening (8.25) and the shadows were getting longer.

But with the evening coming on I had to push on. I avoided the A96 as much as possible by going out behind Brodie when I had passed Forres. This is the lovely wee loch at Brodie. The road takes you out at Nairn.

The A96 can be further avoided by going out by Ardersier once beyond Nairn. The majesty can do the road speeds necessary but I prefer the quieter slower back roads.

By the time I reached Inverness (9.50) I was parched so I went into the big Tesco. I used their loo and then bought a large chilled bottle of Coke and some apple pies. When you are thirsty there is nothing like a cold Coke. I bought the big bottle as it was cheaper than the small one! Only £1.

Not the most beautiful place for a picnic.

I took this to show the gravy stains on my nice Yamaha top. What a pig!

I then crossed the Black Isle this time following the A9. I would never do that on the wee scooter but the Majesty can travel at traffic speed. I stopped to take a couple of pictures. This is at 10.05. I love the long summer evenings in the North of Scotland. This is a month beyond the longest day.

I arrived home at near 10.20 not feeling too bad for the distance done. My biggest discomfort today was sweat, especially sitting on my sweaty bottom.

What an amazing day, though.