Saturday 15th August 2020

A walk from Golspie to Brora and back (12.0 miles).

Anne, Mairi and myself walked to Brora and back. Anne and I had done this walk before on May 5th 2014. Follow the link click here to see that page.

We drove to Golspie and parked at Fountain Road. Anne and Mairi went to the shops. When they came back we moved on to the Dairy Park and parked by the ford. We had something to eat in the car.

I’ve never seen this before. The park has oats growing on it. We headed out along the shore to Dunrobin Castle.

There were a few people at the castle but we continued through the wood.

I took a picture of this crow on an old gnarled and weathered bit of wood.

The old shed filled with tyres is still there. We didn’t go to the broch.

We stopped waiting for a family to come through a gate but they stopped and had a chat with us. Terribly nice people from Hertfordshire. Then we came to where it looks like the Singing Ringing Tree had been shot.

When we stopped for lunch there were lots of seals.

The sunshine people. Mairi and I paid an awful price for the day. The sun came out and we had no suncream. Next day we were like tomatoes. Today as I write this my epidermis is coming away! Our Scottish skin is too fair.

We reached Brora coming in by the old radio receiving station.

The fisherman’s mission.

The Free Church.

We came to the park and the public toilets which were open. They were free. Good old Brora. I went into the COOP and bought ice-creams. We moved down and sat on a bench by the Catholic church. I have said it before – I love the name of their church.

We retraced our steps back to Golspie. It was extremely hot.
Ben Bhraggie coming into view.

And past Dunrobin.

And the oats field so nearly back.

This is a lovely building just by the ford.

What a beautiful day and an amazing walk.