Thursday 20th and Friday 21st August 2020

A huge adventure to Chapeltown, Sheffield with Anne to purchase a BSA C15 (917 miles).

I saw this on Gumtree –

BSA C15 1959 Lovely Condition

Chapeltown, South Yorkshire


Posted 15 Hours Ago

Key Information

Mileage15,000 miles
Engine Size250cc
Vehicle Description
Previous Keepers8


For Sale
My BSA 250 C15
Four stroke single
Restored some time ago
Lovely condition
Electronic ignition
Runs very nicely
Excellent tyres etc
Original, transferable registration number
Please feel free to email or phone for further details

Ad ID: 1380767412

Day 1 – Collect the bike at Chapeltown, Sheffield and stay the night near Newcastle

We got up at 6.15 and left the house at 7.30. It was wet to start with but turned into a lovely warm day.

Anne drove our old Fusion to Inverness but when we got to Harbour Road found that Focus Vehicle Rental had moved from Harbour Road to Seafield Road. There was a bit of a panic but I now have a smart-phone and quickly found the new premises. I thought I was so well prepared! However this new place has parking!

I got the van paperwork sorted out.

We transferred all our stuff from the Fusion into the van and headed down the A9. This was a complete tool-set in case I had to strip the bike a bit to fit the van, a wooden ramp I had made, ties and old sheets. I even took my big trolley jack! There was our own personal stuff too, clothes and food. Once I started driving I found I was given a VW instead of a Ford. I now had the panic that it may be too small. It was a lovely van to drive.

We Stopped at Kingussie to use the toilet. We then stopped in a layby near Pitlochry for our 11ses or 10ses.

I then drove by Stirling and Glasgow and we stopped at Annandale Waters services. Here we used the loo, had our picnic and a lovely walk round the wee loch. 

We then kept on down the M74 and onto the M6. We turned off at Penrith onto the A66 which we took us to Scotch Corner. I had to stop on the A66 at a layby to do the loo. The old man in me is getting worse. It was lovely to see signs for Reeth, Richmond, Leyburn and Catterick all places we have been to. We came onto the A1 which later changes to the M1, stopping at Leeming Bar services again to use the loo and have afternoon drink and biscuit. 

We could now see signs for London, Leeds, Manchester etc. We came past Leeds and branched to Sheffield arriving at Chambers Dr, Chapeltown, Sheffield and met Martin Delaney just before 5.00. The bike was standing on the drive. It is lovely. I bought it transferring the money into Martin’s account from my phone. He filled out the V5 transfer from his phone. I didn’t know you could do that. What a strange world. He had a ramp so didn’t have to use the one I’d made. He was so helpful getting the bike into the van. It fitted! It took a while to get it and the boards for my ramp tied down. 

We left about 5.30 and bought diesel before leaving Chapeltown. Martin had given us advice where to get it. We headed up the M1 and A1, stopping at Woolley Edge services. 

Here we had our tea – a very expensive pie and sausage roll from Harry Gow in Alness, also a blackcurrant and apple pie with Pepsi Max. I will say the Harry Gow pie and sausage roll was far tastier than supermarket ones.

We then drove the last 102 miles in one go to our Travelodge at Washington.

We settled in and then went for a wee walk. We had our supper, watched TV, wrote up the events of the day and went to bed.

It has been a great day. Anne drove to Inverness, 20 miles. I then drove the van to here, 522 miles. So our total mileage was 542 miles. That is the longest we have done in a day.

Day 2 – Head North, visit the family in Edinburgh, visit Aunt Jeana in Cupar, unload the bike and return the van

We got up at 6.20. I slept so badly. I was too alert, there was too much noise from the Motorway and there were too many strange noises in the place. We had breakfast in our room and left maybe 7.15. The traffic was awful round Newcastle. We did see ‘The Angel of the North’. We crossed the Tyne. This stop was in Northumberland so Anne could phone my mum. She didn’t manage.

The weather got terribly wet as we got to the border. This is on the border. I did not get out to take a picture!

We stopped in Jedburgh to get one or two things to take to the family in Edinburgh.

We headed north again but the road was closed at Fala. Signs warned us so I asked a lorry driver about it. He suggested a route which took us to Gorebridge and then into the city. He was a most pleasant man. It did add a bit to the journey.

This was the reason – (click on the link) A68 at Fala

We got into Edinburgh and went to Tesco to pick up flowers which Kirsty wanted. The worst road for jiggling and causing the motorbike problems was at Easter Drylaw. We met the family except Charlie. He was teaching. Our oldest grandson was at school and Kirsty went to collect him. We looked after the other two. We had lunch and left at 12.45 for Cupar in Fife. Anne had made a booking to visit Aunt Jeana at Rosturk House. We had a few minutes to spare so parked at the centre and had a very short walk and then went to the home. Only Anne is allowed to visit with the Covid 19 restrictions. I tried to grab a sleep in the van but didn’t manage. 

After the visit we headed north by Glenfarg. I was trying to stay on the best roads for the bike being bumped and shoogled. I wish I had gone by our way to avoid Perth by going to Coupar Angus. We hit an enormous traffic jam between Broxden and Inveralmond roundabouts. It was still very slow till after the roadworks at Bankfoot. We kept going north to Kingussie where we stopped to get the public loo and chip suppers. We now get one supper and a single between us. It is more than enough at our age. Anne had sausages, I had a steak pie.

We got home at about 8.20 and unloaded the van and got the wee bike safely in my garage.

However the day was not over. We had to dash back to Inverness with the van. We went to Tesco to fill it up with diesel and then dropped it off. Anne drove the Fusion back.

This was another a great day. Driving the van home and then back to Inverness was 355 miles. Anne drove back from Inverness, another 20 miles. So our total mileage was 375 miles. A big mileage but a lot less than yesterday.

What a couple of days. But, now I own a bike I’ve wanted since senior school days. A British single cylinder classic. I know they leak oil. I know their engines disintegrate after not too big a mileage, but isn’t it the prettiest bike?!

The van did 877 miles and used 73.1 litres (16.08 gallons) of diesel. This worked out as 54.5 mpg which is pretty good (but Anne’s diesel Peugot 207 manages about 70 mpg).