August 13th 2013

A Walk to Garve from Strathpeffer with Anne and Mairi

Mairi wanted to try this walk which Anne and I did back in February. It’s a long one – 16 miles.

We headed for Strathpeffer and parked the car at Kinellan. We had something to eat and drink and then headed off. The day was just right for walking – quite cool with the sun coming through from time to time. I really enjoyed the day. Here’s us getting ready to leave.

100_4637 100_4638 100_4641
We got past Loch Kinellan and the view back is lovely.

100_4643 100_4644
The woods at this time of year are great. We were in woods nearly all day.

We eventually came to a junction where the road now heads directly to Garve.

I think Anne and Mairi were just a little tired.

Bees even like Stinky Willie!

We reached the Rogie Falls.

Still 4 ½ miles to go

You can make out people on the suspension bridge down at the falls. It’s a popular tourist attraction. We left them well alone.

100_4665 100_4666 100_4668 100_4670
Not far along you come to a nice little croft. I think the place is called Rogie. What a place to live!

100_4671 100_4672 100_4675 100_4677 100_4679 100_4680
The wild raspberries are everywhere. On the way back we collected a lot.

100_4683 100_4684
And the heather is in bloom. It is beautiful. This is passing Loch na Croic.

100_4691 100_4692
The tadpoles are now tiny little toads and frogs. This wasn’t much bigger than my thumbnail.

After Loch na Croic the track cuts under the railway.

100_4695 100_4697 100_4699
Where the new road has been built for foresting we took the older high road.

Eventually nearing Strath Garve this ford has to be crossed.

100_4714 100_4717 100_4718
Finally we reached the tarred road at Crannach.

100_4722 100_4724
There’s a lovely long avenue into Garve.

100_4725 100_4726 100_4727
Almost there, crossing Black Water.

100_4732 100_4735
And the end – about one o’clock.

100_4737 100_4738
A well deserved rest and something to eat.

100_4740 100_4741
This is an attempt to self photograph. I hate seeing the old man that is now in my photos.

100_4744 100_4748
And then it was time to head back. We left at 1.30. Here is a plaque on the bridge crossing Black Water.

There is a lot of work being done renovating Strath Garve Lodge. That’s great as it is a lovely old building.

100_4758 100_4759
A way marker.

100_4763 100_4766
I went down to get some pictures of Loch Garve.

100_4770 100_4775 100_4776 100_4777
Thought I’d taken a picture of a monkey and then realised that it’s my wife! The wee bag in her hand is for wild raspberries. Anne collected enough to make a few pots of jam.

Here’s us back to the foresting. Again we took the high road.

100_4782 100_4783 100_4786 100_4787
Here’s going under the railway again

There are a few way markers like this.

About half way back we stopped for a bit more to eat.

And onto the croft at Rogie.

This is us getting back towards Strathpeffer. There is quite a bog here above Loch Kinellan.

The bog myrtle has one of my favourite smells. On a hot day it is just lovely.

100_4815 100_4816
And Loch Kinellan back into view.

100_4818 100_4820 100_4821 100_4823
The end.