There are two sets of pictures here – the first rubbish ones are taken by me, the later ones by Helen Simpson (now Stewart).

These were slides taken on an old Russian Cosmic camera. The slides have been stored under a bed for years and have a bit of mould growing on them ! However there are images still there . Taken at Merchiston Crescent, probably 1977. At that time I shared a flat with my sister Liz and my cousin Christine Gunn. My close friends Dave Munro, Robert O’Neil and Raymond Ormiston had come up for tea. Three of the nicest friends. We were either in our honours year for Chemistry or the first year of our PhDs – though it doesn’t look like it.

Christine at the back. Dave, Robert, myself. Raymond can just about be seen. His horrible hairy leg and blue sock are quite visible. Robert gives Dave the crutch-hold and slam. Robert was very strong and David was idiot enough to risk his health. The mould marks and deteriorated film are obvious.

A terrible photo – I still take dreadful photos. Nicely centred !My budgie, Hecules, is on Roberts wrist. He should have a gauntlet on, as Hercules could get kind of violent. I took him home to Inverness on the overnight train one night (Hercules, not Robert) hoping he would sleep. He sang and rung his wee bell and the other passengers were getting annoyed, so I had to stick him in the guard’s van. He was very tame.

Christine and Liz David, Robert, Raymond.

The following photos were sent to me by Helen Stewart. They certainly take you back.

This is a super photo of my old pals.Ray Ormiston, Dave Munro, Robert O’Neil (who I can now reveal is Wild Hamish) and Nevin Stewart. Nevin married Helen.

And a poofy one of myself pretending to be working in the Chemistry library.

And here’s one of the Chemistry girls

O. L. Lee, Helen Simpson, Katie Ellis, Jane Champion, Una Lindsay, Sheena Duff, C. A. Munro, Isobel Simpson,  Marion Gilhooly  Alison Humphrey

Hope any old Edinburgh pals enjoys these. They bring a lump to my throat seeing them. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could go back for a day to the past!


N.J. Stewart R.A. Ormiston D. Munro R. M. O’Neil M. C. Addison A. F. W. Murchison K. G. Campbell D. Skea I. W. Robertson R. G. L. Spiers G.M. Hunter D. Russell C. Ferguson D. B. McPhail G, Black R. Wheeler T. E. M. Fraser T. R. Herd J. S. Hennessy R. C. Paterson J. L. Casci H. M. Ferrier J. D. N.Irving R. M. Lamont T. M. Bloom C. A. Munro J. Champion H. R. Simpson S. G. Duff M. Gilhooly U. Lindsay O. L. Lee A. Humphrey K. F.M. Ellis I. Simpson K. M. A. Parker I. A. R. Garden A. L. Kassyk D. A. Tanner O. I. Innes L. McLaughlin Dr. T. A. Stephenson Dr. S. Cradock Dr. I. H. Sadler Dr. B. M. Lowe Dr. W. D. Cooper Dr. A. J. Bellamy Dr. I. Gosney Dr. R. M. Paton Dr. H. F. Leach Dr. C. S. John Dr. D. A. Whan Dr. J. T. Sharp Dr. R. A Wall Dr. P. J. Sykes Dr. A. G. Rowley Dr. N. J. Tweddle Dr. P. J. Robertson Dr. D. W. H. Rankin P. McMillan Cdr. D. A. Evans Dr. G. Tennant Mr. A. King Dr. D. Kidd Dr. W. P. Doyle Dr. D. Leaver Prof. J. H. Knox Prof. C. Kemball Prof. J. I. G. Cadogan Prof. E. A. V. Ebsworth Dr. C. A. B. Beevers Dr. D. Taylor Dr D. M. W. Anderson Dr. R. J. Donovan Dr. R. N. Pertuz Dr. H. E. Robertson Dr. M. M. Harding