Wednesday 4th November 2020

A walk to Loch Morie and back (15.4 miles).

On this journey, there and back, I took the photos on the way back. I left the house at 9.20 and headed up the road. I stopped at the top of Lealty Brae by the mobile phone mast to have something to eat.

I had worn a body-warmer and there was a snell wind up here. I put my waterproof over-jacket on over the body-warmer while eating.

I just kept going to the end of the public road and then along the estate track to Loch Morie. I went a wee bit further than the start of the loch to a promontory that we often walk to, though not from the house. I reached there about 11.55.

I then turned back. This is at the promontory.

Back down the loch nearer where we always went down to the water when the children were with us. I didn’t go to the water as it has got very overgrown and the ground is very damp just now. The boathouse was built only fairly recently.

The track into the forest.

When we first came to Contullich the public road ended here. This is what remains of the gate.

And this was the car park! Maybe a couple of miles of road was handed back to the estate by Highland Council.

It was all tarred like this at one time but most of the tar has disappeared. 

This wee house was a ruin till a few years ago. I think it is called Kinloch. What a spot.

I stopped beside the Averon where the track comes close to it. This is at one of the fishing beats that’s why there is a bench, but it was handy.

My lunch. There is coffee in my wee thermos flask bought in Lenny Will’s shop in Dornoch. I bought it when I was 16, 17 or 18. I was still at school. So it is very old. Still works. Thermos flasks have been part of my life. When I worked with Aleck, granny would make up flasks of tea the night before. We would have it at 6.45 am before heading out. We would come back for breakfast. I started doing this when I was maybe 8 or 9 on holiday at Newhall. I have never slept well so would just get up to join Aleck for his day. He was so good to me. I remember being astonished at the tea being still piping hot! I then used flasks for hill-walking on cold days. But my biggest use was when I was doing research for my PhD. My main research was carried out by vacuum-line Chemistry. The traps had to be cooled in liquid nitrogen. What held the liquid nitrogen? Thermos flasks; but we called them Dewars! Then I used to teach their function and how they worked in the heat unit in our S2 Science course. My coffee was good and hot but very quickly cooled down when poured into the cup.

Back to the current end of the public road.

The Keeper’s Cottage.

Here is the old school at Boath. It is now a private house.

I love the old rusty school warning road sign. It must be very old. I don’t know when the school closed. It could be at least 70 years ago.

A clear view into Strathrusdale.

Ardross Castle

Ardross distillery.

Lealty Farm.

The road is orange with larch needles. Winter is almost here.

This wee water fall is less than a mile from the Fyrish car park. It flows out of a gloomy, depressing, little loch.

An old dyke.

Lovely autumn colours.

The Cromarty Firth from just above the Fyrish car park.

I got home at 2.30. A good walk. I’m a bit stiff now.