Thursday 28th November 2020

A walk to Lealty and back (7.1 miles).

I put Anne’s car for an MOT to Tommy Hansen in Invergordon first thing and it failed. I expected that. While waiting I went for a walk in Invergordon out to Rosskeen Bridge and then back to my old school. I met a few of my old pupils. It was then on to Alness to Goodtread to get four new tyres fitted. When I got home I attended to the church’s website and then decided I wanted and needed a long peaceful walk. I was going to head to the three cottages but wanted to explore a track a bit beyond. A week ago I had tried to come at the cottages from near the Boath school but that track did not go where I thought. So the photos are of the return walk.

This is on the Boath Road at Lealty Brae.

And this is the wonderful track. It was one of these walks where my heart sang. This is looking down to Lealty Farm.

I love overgrown tracks.

Meall Mor.

Winter is almost here.

The track crosses several small fords.

I took these on the way back but this is of where I had my lunch. What a spot!

I sat on a log in the forest.

It is only spoiled by all the electricity poles taking power from the Novar Wind-farm.

And then back to the three cottages, the first at Ardoch.

At the second cottage I met an old gentleman and had a long blether. He probably thought I was an old gentleman! I have never met anyone out here before on my walks. I think he said his name was David Miller a retired accountant from Alness. He was out bird watching.

And the ford to the last cottage at Baddans.

As usual I cut across to the forest and went up the deer watch tower.

I hit the Boath road about a mile from the house. The mountain in view is Ben Rinnes below which, on the other side, Billy and I ate our lunch yesterday.

The Cromarty Firth from near home. What a super walk. I have lived here at Contullich for over 37 years and still I find new tracks to follow. God has blessed me so much allowing me to live in this part of His creation.