Tuesday 29th December 2020

A walk along Tain beach (5.2 miles).

Anne, Mairi and myself went for a walk along Tain beach and then followed a loop through the forest.

We picked up Mairi at 9.00 and drove to Tain again in my noisy Fusion. We are in tier 4 COVID restrictions but we still went shopping! Many people are just wearying of the restrictions. We went to Home Bargains to get things we were needing. Mairi bought us a picnic which we ate in the car at the water front.

We crossed over the parkland and over the swing bridge to get to the beach. This is the Dornoch Firth. The snowy hill in the middle is Ben Bhraggie above Golspie. We then walked up the beach towards the air force practice firing range.

Snow by the sea is most unusual.

My wife Anne is almost 60 and more lovely. I often wonder why she married that old ugly bloke!

Mairi and Anne.

This is where we turned back.

Dunes with snow on them.

We cut into the forest. The path we found just looped through the forest to it’s edge further up the beach. We had never been on this path before and hadn’t a clue where it went – explores!

This picture is showing tiny shards of ice washed up at the tide line. The water here will not be so salty as the main sea itself but it must be pretty cold to have ice forming on it.

We looped round the back of Tain. The rain came on and we got wet like yesterday. Good thing we had wellies; there was flooding under the railway bridge.

I think this farm is called Kirksheaf. The house is empty which is a shame as it is a beautiful old building.

Entering Tain’s limits.

Tain’s old houses are lovely.

And we got back towards the sea and the park area.

Going down to the park by the station.

Back to the car a bit cold and kind of wet. 

Another lovely winter’s walk.