Thursday 8th January 2021

A walk to Ardoch and Baddans by Lealty Brae (6.3 miles).

Anne and I went for a walk to the three cottages at Ardoch and Baddans. This walk has been recorded on my website before but not as a winter wonderland. COVID19 restrictions have tightened. The family are staying with us after coming up from Glasgow so we are self-isolating. Anne and I took some time to ourselves but it was cold. The day never got above -1°C but it was lovely to be in the fresh air.

We walked up our road to Lealty Brae.

This is just beyond the Fyrish car park a mile beyond our house.

And some pictures near the wee waterfall at 1.7 miles.

And we finally got to Lealty Brae where we turned up the track. Its a track I’d never been on till late autumn.

Wester Lealty Farm.

Anne heading up the track. All my pictures of her are from behind. She is most uncooperative at posing for pictures.

The track is wonderful and curves round and back to Ardoch where the first of the cottages is.

We had our picnic in the sun.

And then headed down to the other two cottages ending at Baddans.

From Baddans we headed to the forest cutting in to reach the deer watch tower.

We followed the track back to the Boath road and then down it to home.

It is all quite special in the snow. A wonderful world.

A good new year to you all. I wonder what 2021 holds for us. At this time last year we could never have foreseen the current situation. Lets hope God blesses this vaccine.