Wednesday 20th January 2021

A walk to Loch Morie (5.2 miles).

We had attempted to do this walk on Sunday with the family. It has been a terribly cold January, only one night without frost. The grandchildren found the walk too cold. It had ended with lots of tears. I wanted to see if Loch Morie was frozen over. When my own children were young we came up after a lot of frost and the loch was so frozen over I and the boys walked across it to the other side.

I took my old Fusion up to the end of the road. The roads were very icy.

This is the car park at the top of the Boath road.

The gate onto the estate and leading to Loch Morie.

A huge flock of geese took off as I started walking.

The track was ice beneath snow and I slipped three times coming down hard onto the ice. I’m pleased to say that at almost 66 I can still take a fall!

Reaching the River Averon. This is usually a nice, quiet, green place in summer. Good for a picnic. It is where we celebrated Mairi’s 27th birthday in May during the last ‘lockdown’.

I cautiously plodded up the track. It had been snowing till I parked the car and it was a beautiful walk up.

This is where the public road used to end 35 years ago. The fallen gatepost is where the gate to the estate used to be. 2 miles of road were handed back to the estate.

And reaching Loch Morie – all open water, not a hint of ice.

It started to snow again so my photos are very hazy.

I just headed back the way I’d come and it snowed most of the way. A short but lovely walk.