Tuesday 26th January 2021

A walk on a track beyond Ardoch (7.2 miles).

This unfortunately was a walk I had to abandon.

I left the house after lunch and headed up the Boath road. I had a ‘wee’ picnic in my rucksack.

I cut into the forest 1.6 miles up the road and followed the track to near the top cottage at Ardoch. I was wanting to follow a track I had noticed that seemed to head to Cnoc Ceislein. Just at the start of the track you get a very different view of the cottage at Ardoch.

Look at the icicles all along the bank. The snow started to get deeper as I ascended.

Higher up an looking to Carn Chuinneag – the very white hill in the centre. It was more like the arctic up here.

At the top I stopped and had my picnic.

The snow got too deep – higher than my wellies and they were filling up. It had taken me a lot longer to walk in the deep snow so discretion was the better part of valour and I turned back.

However I didn’t go straight back home. I headed back by Ardoch and visited the pond between Ardoch and Baddans which I had never been at before. It was frozen over.

I headed from the second cottage straight to the Boath road and down it to home, not going to Baddans as I usually do. However, all in all, another enjoyable walk.