Friday 23rd April 2021

A scooter run over the Bealach na Bà (169 miles).

I am loving retirement. Here is another amazing scooter run, even though I’ve done it many times. Today the weather was fantastic, almost like summer.

I first of all headed along the A9 and at the Cromarty Bridge Roundabout went to Dingwall. I called at Tesco to purchase my picnics for the day and also get petrol for the old scooter.

I saw the first swallow of the year as I was storing my picnic on the bike. I love when the swallows return.

I stopped at Fodderty only a couple of miles outside Dingwall to have something to eat as it was now about 10.40. I visited Martin’s grave.

It is a nice spot for your mortal remains. I struggle to believe that Martin is not here. I still expect to meet him and get that hand-shake where he pumped your arm up and down till you thought it would dislocate at the shoulder. A really nice man. Importantly Jesus’ man.

I then pushed on to Garve and branched to Achnasheen. At Achnasheen I took the road to Kinlochewe stopping at Loch a Chroisg.

And stopping again at the top of Glen Docherty.

I came quickly to Kinlochewe where there were lovely pale daffodils as you enter. 

This is Beinn Eighe.

And Liathach. Martin and I climbed them both on the same day many years ago.

This is Torridon village but I didn’t go into it.

But stopped at Annat Cemetery where you get a different view of Liathach.

And Beinn Alligin, again one I went up with Martin.

A wee bit further on, beyond Shieldaig, I took the Applecross road.

And stopped across the loch from Shieldaig to have my lunch.

While packing the scooter after lunch I heard my first cuckoo for 2021. It is a lovely sound.

Once I passed Fearnbeag, and was heading down the peninsula, I stopped at an empty car park. This one is normally heaving with tourists doing the North Coast 500. Just coming out of ‘lockdown’ the tourist season hasn’t yet taken off. I took some photos and lay down in the sun in peace. After ten minutes a group of about 10 cyclists came barging in and spread around making a commotion and relieving their bladders about 10 feet away! I can’t believe people can be so rude and intrusive. It was time for off!

I passed a herd of Highland cattle grazing and resting by the side of the road. They are lovely animals. The bonniest cows.

And here is Applecross across the water.

I then headed up the Bealach.

This is at the top. It wasn’t a great day for taking photos as it was very hazy but that is a sign of settled weather. Unusually there was only a van, a car, and two loud cyclists. I never passed any bikes going over the Bealach. It is normally heaving with bikes slowing the traffic. this picture is looking over to the Isle of Skye.

Then it was time for down to Kishorn.

At sea level again, at Kishorn.

Looking over to the Bealach.

And then reached Lochcarron.

I kept going and stopped at Loch Dughaill befor Achnashellach. There was no wind here and the water was like glass. There were shoals of tiny fish, some even jumping out the water, but the camera doesn’t pick them out.

I followed the road through Glen Carron to Achnasheen completing the loop. I was looking out for the ruined lodge house just outside Achnasheen but it seems to have been demolished.

It on my page Bealach 18

In 2018

In 2021 it does not exist!

There used to be this lovely old cottage before Garve but it too has been pulled down. They are ruining the lovely landmarks in the North of Scotland. It’s called progress.

In 2018

In 2021

It is so sad. I wish they would maintain or sensitively do up these old ruins rather than lay them flat.

I pushed on to Garve and Contin. This time I came to Dingwall through Strath Brahan. I stopped in Dingwall to get something for my tea as Anne was to be at Mairi’s. The next picture is taken on the Old Evanton Road looking to the Cromarty Bridge.

Yet another wonderful day on my scooter. I think it is may favourite way to pass a day.