Friday 23rd July 2021

A walk from Hopeman to Lossiemouth and back (12.2 miles).

Anne, Mairi and myself went for this beautiful walk along part of the Moray Coastal Trail.

We picked up Mairi at her wee house and drove to Forres. We had one of Mackenzie & Cruickshank’s delicious scones. I had a glass of milk with mine. We then went to Hopeman and parked at the harbour.

We have walked parts of the trail. Forres to Findhorn; Roseisle to Burghead; Burghead to Hopeman; and also further on Portknockie to Cullen. So we may do the whole 50 miles eventually! See The Moray Coast Trail.

Not far beyond Hopeman and beyond the caves is this huge quarry. I didn’t take pictures of the caves, they are on another webpage.

This nicely modelled carving is of a fulmar.

There was a haar which kept the walking temperature comfortable with a fleece on. The Moray Coast is beautiful.

Just beyond Covesea is this old coastguard station.

More caves and an impressive sea stack.

We passed a field of sheep that looked kind of like teddy bears.

We had our lunch on the beach before Lossiemouth. We started on the dunes but Anne noticed ants crawling about her and got down off the dunes like an Olympic sprinter.

Before the caravan park you come on this lighthouse.

These lights are marking the flight path for the runway at RAF Lossiemouth.

I was fortunate enough to see a Typhoon combat aircraft take off. What a noise! I wish I had been at these lights at the time.

We then reached the Cafe at Lossiemouth. We bought some Yorkies and juice for the way back. We actually had not meant to come this far.

We walked back taking some slightly different routes. We went through Lossiemouth caravan park instead of following the shore. The sun came out mid-afternoon. I took the risk of not putting on suncream. A big mistake. We ate our Yorkies just by the side of the path. We reached the car at about 5.30 and very weary. What a lovely walk though. Mairi treated us to chip suppers which she bought in Hopeman and then we ate in Burghead. We went back to her house for the evening.