Friday 27th August 2021

The broken trainer ascent of Ben Wyvis (9.25 miles).

Charlie and I last did this walk in April 2017. Follow this link – Ben Wyvis 17.

We used to do this the first Friday back at school after the summer holiday. I’m retired now so it doesn’t matter but Charlie is now a teacher in Inverness Royal Academy. This is the second Friday back. But you do get these half days on a Friday now.

Charlie came down at 3.00 and we headed out to Garve in my old Fusion.

We had a half dream ring and a can of Pepsi Max in the car before starting. We left the car at 4.05.

Ben Wyvis starting to show. That violet colour ahead is rosebay willow herb. Isn’t that a perfect sky?

This is having climbed up and out the forest.

We stopped for a wee rest once the climbing started. We met quite a few parties coming down but after this one other person.

Near the ridge we stopped for our tea.

The first summit, now above 3000 ft.

The ridge ahead and main summit showing. On the way to the summit a runner past us! We met him again as we neared the main summit. He was on his way down with his dog.

I took a whole 360° series of panoramic shots from the summit.

This is the summit. I like the old ordinance survey trig stations.

The way down.

We have to drop height down to that river far below. It is a very hare decent on the legs.

Purple heather. This is at the river. I took a bit of a drink from the river but we had to keep moving as there were hoards of midges.

This is the sun about to disappear. 

And it has just gone.

We got down to the car at 8.15. So that is 4 hours and 10 minutes. We have done it in the past in 3 hours and 45 minutes. I am not capable of jogging down anymore.

This is the shoes Charlie decided to use! At least it kept his pace down and I could keep up.

The only car in the car- park. We had that huge hill to ourselves.

This was the best weather I have seen on Ben Wyvis. Just a perfect day. I am always pleased that as I get older I can still do things like this. Charlie’s company is just lovely.