Saturday 28th August 2021

A walk by Munlochy Bay that wasn’t meant to be (4.1 miles).

Mairi had a hospital appointment on Tuesday afternoon and Anne and I had taken her over to Inverness for it. On the way back we decided just to stop and have a wee picnic in the car at Drumderfit. Then we thought we would follow the track a wee bit to stretch our legs and ended up walking round Drumderfit Hill. I wish I had recorded it as it was stunning. We had passed a sign pointing to a track to Pitlundie where we had been a few weeks ago. Follow this link – Loch Lundie 21

Mairi thought we should try it so she came for us at 2.00 and drove us over.

This did not work out as expected. We parked at the same car-park at Drumdefit.

Ben Wyvis where I had been last night!

Munlochy bay is starting to show.

The mounded hill to the left is Ord Hill at Avoch.

We walked up the track to where there is a clearing and stopped for a wee picnic in the sunshine. Mairi had bought cakes at the shop in Munlochy. Their cakes are from Ashers Bakery and are delicious. I had millionaire shortbread and of course Pepsi Max.

We followed the sign to Pitlundie but came to a T junction with no markings or signing and here we made our mistake. We went right and this took us on a narrow path up to a house and to their garden! So we turned back.

This is coming down that track. Across the water must be Bennettsfield where my MacIntosh ancestors come from.

Munlochy Bay is beautiful. It is so strange, as my dad was minister of Knockbain and we lived just about 3 miles from here. I went to school at Drumsmittal which is up the road from here. I have never been here before!

This picture of a spiders web having trapped rosebay willow herb seeds did not come out as I wished.

We got right down to the bay and sussed out the track we should have taken. We will come back another day. Watch this space.

We then walked down to the main road coming onto it near Littlemill Bridge.

The sign on the post marks the The John o’ Groats Trail which goes from Inverness to John o’ Groats. If we follow it we will come to Pitlundie.

At the turn off from the main road to Drumsmittal is this war memorial.

It is so autumnal looking. All the fields are ‘white unto harvest’.

We came back to the car. Just a lovely wee walk.