Thursday 2nd September 2021

A wee scooter run round Loch Ness (122 miles).

The weather is just so good this summer and being retired you just have to get the trips in. This was a shorter trip but as usual it had its problems.

I left home at maybe 10.35 and took the back roads over to Inverness. I did go by Foulis Station and had to cross the railway track. Then I went over the Black Isle by the single track roads to Culbokie and Munlochy.

I went to ASDA in Inverness for petrol. I don’t know if it was the new E10 petrol. I don’t know if we have been getting this the last few weeks. The scooter’s consumption is poorer. Maybe it is needing some attention.

Then I headed out to Dores. This is at the start of Loch Ness at Dores.

A little bit further along the low cloud started to lift and the day was getting better. No sign of a monster, just a seagull and it doesn’t seem too concerned.

I went on to beyond Foyers and just as the road comes back onto the B862, near a place called Dalcarg, is a burial ground. I stopped here and had my lunch. Here was the first problem of the day. To my dismay the rear carrier which supports my top box was loose. So out with the tools. I had to take the rear grab rail off and found one of the two bolts that hold the carrier to it it had snapped. The other was loose and bent. I feel this has been caused by increased jarring due to my new stiff rear shock absorbers. All I could do was tighten up the one remaining bent bolt and put back together. I have never been happy with the carrier that came with the bike. I think that two supports have been cut off in the past. 

I then moved on feeling every jolt and bump and expecting to loose my top box. I stopped at the high point at the Suidhe viewpoint.

And a little further stopped at Loch Tarff.

I also took a quick couple of photos above Fort Augustus.

This is the other end of Loch Ness, just outside Fort Augustus.

I went through Fort Augustus, which was heaving with tourists, and turned round and came back up the other side Loch Ness. I stopped midway to Invermorriston and got this view of the Loch. Notice the sailing boat.

Just outside Invermorriston there were road works. While stopped at temporary traffic lights waiting for the convoy vehicle I was a bit nearer the sailing boat so quickly took this.

This is using GIMP to edit the photo

I pushed on up Loch Ness and at Drumnadrochit took the road up to Cannich. This was my plan for the day. I wondered should I just cut over the Culnakirk to save jarring and damage the topbox but decided, no. I stopped briefly in Cannich. This is the River Cannich.

I then came down the Strath Glass road to Lovat Bridge and onto Beauly. Here I bought myself a large ice-cream and ate it at the Priory. It is a beautiful old building.

I found my rear carrier had worked its way loose again and had to do some roadside repairs.

While doing this I was very conscious of swallows feeding above. They will be gone very soon. I so hate when they go.

I didn’t cross the Black Isle but came home by Muir of Ord and Dingwall as I thought the roads would be better; less bumpy for my carrier. I got home about 4.00.

So I have problems. The rear carrier has to be dealt with. The remains of the snapped bolt are still in the grab rail. My centre stand is not right. It needs help to return and it is not pulling onto the stand as it used to. I think this is the result of the trip to Achiltiebuie back in July. Beyond Laxford Bridge as I pulled into a field entrance there was a bang from under the scooter as I hit a stone. I think the centre stand mount is twisted out of alignment. That’s not all. The scooter is very rough on pick up when you start off. Could be the automatic clutch or the variator or the belt. This scooter always causes adventures!

I didn’t feel too good myself when I got home, a bit nauseous. I think it is coming from my hernia. Coming out in sympathy with the scooter.

Apart from that, though, another good day.