Thursday 8th October 2021

A wee scooter run out to Slochd (115 miles).

This was a run travelling in reverse to one done during lockdown on 23rd March.

Again Anne was having friends for lunch. So I left. I took the A9 to get to Inverness just to make time. I took on petrol at ASDA and headed out on the Essich road.

This is Loch Ashie beyond Essich.

At the Southern end of Loch Ashie I turned left. This is still Loch Ashie.

I then came to Loch Duntelchaig which is a lovely loch.

It is definitely autumn.

I came to Dunlichity and went by Brin to Farr. This is Brin Rock.

At Farr I took the right turn to take me past Loch Farr and over the lovely Glen Kyllachy. It is wonderful wild country ruined by Pylons and Wind turbines.

I went on to Findhorn Bridge and went right and up to Slochd. I stopped just before turning onto the A9 for my lunch. I am taking just a sandwich, an apple, a packet of crisps and a flask of coffee at the moment. It is easier on my digestive system and saves a bit of money.

I came onto the A9 but soon went right onto the old A9 and took it to Carrbridge. I took the road that goes left before Duthil and went over the moor. An old ruined cottage.

Creag Ealraich ahead on the right.


You can make out Lochindorb Lodge.

I took the turn to Dulsie Bridge and passed this old bridge arch.

I got better pictures of Dulsie Bridge this time.

I met a Swiss man with a canoe. He was going to come down the rapids and under the bridge. I waited a while to try and get a photo but had to give up. There are more travelers from overseas now.

I took the back roads to Culloden Battlefield. This is at the back.

Morven up in Caithness is showing.

I had to get pictures, yet again, of the viaduct.

This is from further round. Nicely, there is a burned out car. What makes these warped thugs, who do nothing for our society, take a car that does not belong to them, go for a drive and then trash it. This happened to a motorbike of mine in Edinburgh some years ago.

I came down to Inverness and onto the Black Isle. I took the back roads by Drumsmittal, Munlochy and Mount Eagle. These were taken near Drumderfit.

Rain was forecast and I hit it at Culbokie. By the time I was over the Cromarty Bridge it stopped. It stayed away till I got home and then did it come! This was a brilliant wee trip. I am really enjoying these shorter trips. The year is getting on and you take the chance when you can.