Thursday 20th October 2021

A walk with Charlie in the tracks behind Boath (9.4 miles).

My son Charlie (really David) is on holiday so we went for a relaxed walk. It was a day of rainbows.

Charlie came to our house at 10.50 after having had himself and his two boys scalped at Jackamos. We put wellies on and walked up the Boath road. As we got near Boath we started to see rainbows.

A rainbow over Loanroidge and looking to Strath Rusedale.

We turned up the track a bit beyond Wester Lealty just as the forest starts. There is a lovely overgrown track that loops back round to Wester Lealty.

When we got back to Wester Lealty (shown below) we came down the Boath road just a few hundred yards and took the track that leads to An Corran. This loops round to the back of Ardoch.

We stopped for lunch beyond the first ford in the shelter of the forest. Here are hopeless attempts to try and get a good selfie. Charlie had all sorts of sausages and coke. He also had a dream-ring for both of us from Harry Gows. He has been dieting and has lost over a stone but was having a day off.

Behind Ardoch you have to squeeze through the forest and then the fence. Here is Charlie squeezing.

And the old cottage at Ardoch. This field has sheep in it this year and is much easier to cross.

I was telling Charlie the house had a roof on it when he was a boy.

Looking to Beinn Tharsuinn which we were up a couple of months ago.

This is coming down to the cottage between Ardoch and Baddans. I don’t what it is called.

And here we arrive at Baddans. It has a lovely approach to it over the ford.

Then we headed to the corner of the wood where the power-lines from the Novar Wind Farm enters it.

The fence has been repaired but we got over it easily at a strainer. Not far into the forest is this deer-watch-tower. We had to go up it and sit in it for a wee while.

Charlie almost up.

We got onto the tracks behind Fyrish and looped back by a track which crosses the Fyrish path. There is a much nicer and quieter track to the South East which we took down to the car park. Then we headed down the tarred road to Contullich. There were still rainbows. Despite all the rainbows we just got caught in a couple of light showers. After we got back it poured. It’s a pity about all the power lines.

I live in a most special place. I love it more an more the longer I live here. This was a really good walk. I always enjoy my time with Charlie.