Tuesday 26th October 2021

A very short walk in Inverness (1.6 miles).

Anne went down on the bus to Glasgow to meet with her old friend, Jo. I drove her over to Farraline Park Bus Station to catch the 8.20am bus to Glasgow. She came home later, again by bus, with Mairi who was in Glasgow with Shug’s future in-laws. They were sorting out a wedding dress and bridesmaid’s dresses. Not my sort of day!

While in Inverness I thought I would have a quick check to see if the path to the Caledonian Canal was open again after a long closure. It wasn’t. I parked the car by the old Kessock Ferry Pier. A lovely embankment heads towards the canal. It is closed at the railway line. Inverness was wakening with lights still on. The camera compensates for the low light level.

Looking over to North Kessock.

The Beauly Firth on a cold autumn morning.

So instead of going out to the canal I cut in by the Merkinch Nature Reserve.

I came round by Carnarc Crescent to the gate to Carnarc Point.

This is out at Carnarc Point.

The Ness River and the marina. Further up the river is the docks.

I came back along Kessock Road to the old ferry ticket office. The Kessock Bridge did away with the ferry 39 years ago. It is a bonny bridge. The ferry was a lovely adventure. It was still there when I started teaching in Invergordon 40 years ago! I can’t believe it is that long. I would travel by motorbike to Invergordon using the ferry. As a boy living in Knockbain we would sometimes come over the ferry to Inverness. The name of the ferryman I remember was Charlie Hinds.

And back to the car. A lovely wee walk.