Tuesday 16th November 2021

Findhorn to Roseisle and back (10.7 miles).

Mairi took the day off work and we decided to try another section of the Moray Coastal Trail. Mairi came at 8.30 and we set off in my old Fusion to Nairn where Anne and Mairi wanted to shop in the huge Home Bargains there. I did buy myself a jacket and gloves. We then went on to Forres and Mackenzie & Cruickshank for a scone and I had milk. We then parked in Findhorn near the harbour and started walking about 11.20.

The way is easy – you just walk along the coast. There are plenty of signs and markers.

The hills of Caithness and Sutherland are showing here. Using ‘zoom’ you can make out Morven.

The surface is awkward to walk on being large pebbles mixed with sand.

The path goes beside RAF Kinloss property. They kept out!

You can definitely see it is a military property.

Roseisle was far further on than I had thought but here it is. We reached our target about 1.10.

We had our lunch picnic overlooking the beach.

After lunch we plodded back leaving Roseisle about 1.30. The forecast was for rain at 1.00 but it kept away. It is amazing to see whins in blossom though they do bloom in patches all year round.

Even a wild rose was out.

Getting back towards Findhorn. I liked the crow on the sign but it soon flew off.

An old ice-house in Findhorn.

The sign here was a bit of a betrayer. I thought that it was about 3 miles to Roseisle. This sign says 4.5 miles.

It actually was 5.2 miles! However the walk was good for us.

The rain started just as we got to the car. There is something very satisfying about that. So that completes another section of the Moray Coastal Trail and we are doing it all twice – there and back.

We have done

1. Forres to FindhornSaturday 14th March 2020 (unrecorded)
2. Findhorn to Roseisletoday
3. Roseisle to BurgheadSaturday 19th December 2020
4. Burghead to HopemanFriday 9th October 2020
5. Hopeman to LossiemouthFriday 23rd July 2021
6. Findochty to PortknockieSaturday 4th September 2021 (unrecorded)
7. Portknockie to CullenSaturday 30th August 2014