Saturday 27th November 2021

A short walk to Baddans (4.5 miles).

Anne and Mairi went to Fort William for the day. I wasn’t feeling too well so only went for a short walk. We have been suddenly plunged into winter. We woke up to snow this morning and an icy North wind.

After the early morning snow the sun came out. However soon after leaving the house, just before two o’clock, the snow came back on. This is before it came on looking over to Cnoc Navie.

And looking to the Cromarty Firth with the Sutors showing.

By the time I reached the bend at the top of the brae it was a near white-out. I met Jack and Edith Smart and had a blether.

The snow soon stopped and the day got nice again.

There is a track that branches off the Boath Road that takes you out to Baddans. There were several other footprints here. It is strange that there were no footprints at Baddans nor in the forest I went to. Where did they go to? This is the track to Baddans.

The cottage at Baddans is showing just to the left of the gate.

This is at Baddans. Such a sad place.

The ford crossing.

That is some gable end. Just look at the stone in the middle at the bottom. How did the old builders move that?

Cnoc Duchaire. The snow up here was about 4 – 5 inches deep.

I headed across to the corner of the forest, crossed the fence and came to the deer-watch tower. I went quickly up it though it was full of snow.

The track from the tower.

I came back on to some of the tracks below Fyrish crossing the Fyrish track that everyone seems to stick to. That’s fine. It leaves all the other tracks free from people, the way I like it.

Heading down below the Fyrish track. The snow makes a magical world.

At the edge of the forest you can just make out Alness.

This track runs parallel to the Fyrish track but is much quieter. There were no footprints so no one has passed along here today.

A storm seems to be building up over Nigg. This is from above Moultavie on the Boath Road.

Cnoc Duchaire.

I reached home about 3.20 a wee bit sore and very cold. But it was good to be out.

I feel so blessed where I live. I feel so blessed that I have reached retirement and am still fit enough to go out walking. God is gracious.