Friday 10th December 2021

A walk up the road to Loch Morie and back (14.2 miles).

This was a very cold day with a beautiful forecast so as I had nothing else urgent to do I thought I’d make the most of it.

I left the house just after 10.40 having watched one episode of “Chasing Classic Cars”. It was a day for hat, scarf and gloves. Just a wee bit up the road are these two old trees looking very wintry.

And the view to the Sutors of Cromarty.

A bit further up looking to Beinn Tharsuinn.

This is at Wester lealty coming up Lealty Brae.

At the top of Lealty Brae, which is just over 800 feet, you can see how icy the road was.

Carn Chuinneag is covered in snow, way ahead.

Looking over to Strath Rusedale.

The old school at Boath.

The horrible Novar Wind Farm is showing here.

As it says, at five miles from the house is the end of the public road.

I love the patterns made in the puddles as they freeze and then the water level drops. There is a good track from the end of the public road to Loch Morie.

Looking to Glaick Croft and Meall Mor.

Then I reached the Averon. For the whole walk since the house I was walking parallel to the Averon.

I reached Loch Morie about 1.00 pm.

And had my more sensible lunch. I really enjoyed it. I suppose I was needing it after 7.1 miles of walking.

I headed back home just retracing my steps. I took this just above the Fyrish Car Park to show the frost that hadn’t lifted all day. I’m a hardy man!

I reached the house just before 3.30 pm. A great day out!