Thursday 29th January 2022

A walk to near Cnoc Ceislein behind Fyrish (8.2 miles).

The weather forecast for today was poor. Rain was to come between 12.00 and 1.00. I left the house about 9.15 hoping for a dry morning walk. I did hope to get to the top of Cnoc Ceislein but changed my plans.

The day was very overcast and looking towards the Sutors it is very hazy. This is from not far above the house.

Looking to Fyrish.

At Moultavie I took this photo not to show the ruined farm buildings but the snowdrops. Spring will come. I met my new neighbour, Adam, and blethered for a while.

The waterfall 1.7 miles from the house.

It doesn’t look hopeful but this is where you cut into the wood beyond the waterfall.

Which takes you to this very old track.

This is behind Ardoch where if you go left takes you to the top cottage. I went just a little bit further and turned left.

I went left after the gate.

There is the old cottage at Ardoch.

The Novar Windfarm is showing. Ben Wyvis is beyond with the snow on it. You can barely make it out.

Here is the track I thought would use to cross over to Cnoc Ceislein, the hill ahead. The track is barely perceptible. I tried to do this last year in the snow but had to give up.

I managed to follow a vague track till I reached here. I followed that yellow mark to the right of the trees. This soon ended up as a slog across moor and bog. I found it really hard going. Then the rain started at 10.30. Some forecast!

Looking back to the way I have come.

It was a blessed relief to get over the moor and onto the track that crosses the edge of Cnoc Ceislein. At this point I gave up the idea of going up it. I was wet. It was very windy. It was later than I expected. I used discretion. 

Cnoc Ceislein.

I stopped under a scrubby little tree which gave minimal shelter.

And ate my wee picnic.

That is the monument on Fyrish showing ahead.

The Cromarty Firth.

Looking back.

Descending towards Cnoc Duchaire.

I gave up taking photos and just kept plodding homewards taking the shortest route. I have got to know this area so well over the last 38 years we have lived here. The rain eased but didn’t go off. I was pretty damp.

When I hit the tarred road above the Fyrish car park I met my neighbour, Stewart. We blethered for a while. He was off for a long walk. I didn’t envy him.

I arrived home about 12.20 when the rain should have started!