Tuesday 8th March 2022

A scooter run over to Loch Buidhe in Sutherland (63 miles).

Spring is coming and it was time for a wee scooter run. I first called in at an old friend in Invergordon before heading North. I then went to Home Bargains in Tain to buy a little picnic. 

I headed over the Dornoch Bridge and up the A9 till I reached the Loch Buidhe road just before the Mound. A short distance up it I stopped for lunch at what I think is called Torboll Fall. It was a really nice spot and it was a lovely very early Spring day.

After my nutritious lunch I headed up to Loch Buidhe. There were no cars parked at the end of the loch.

There was ice at the edge of the loch. It is not long since winter!

Here is what gets me going. This beautiful peaceful spot and what is there – a huge electrical transforming sub-station. I could cry at what is happening to the Highlands. The little person who loves the open spaces and the peace has no say.

I headed to Bonar Bridge.

Loch Migdale starting to show.

And the bridge at Bonar.

I remember as a boy the 1893 bridge.

Nearing Ardgay is this view looking back.

There were geese. They will be flying away soon.

It is really this bed of rushes I stopped to take a picture of.

I then headed back over the Struie and home. It’s a lovely wee run I’ve done often. Maybe with fuel costs going up it will just have to be wee runs. It is worrying. Thankfully He is Sovereign.