Wednesday 23rd March 2022

A scooter run over to Loch Brora in Sutherland (124 miles).

I went for a scooter run as the day had such a brilliant forecast. It was wall to wall sunshine and warm! This is a trip I do often, usually the other way round. I left at 10.50. (I’ve just noticed that my track on the map looks like a long legged running chicken!)

I went over the Struie to Ardgay. These are taken at the viewpoint lay-by that looks over the Dornoch Firth. Ahead is Struie Hill.

Looking to the Firth. Hazy is a good sign.

I made a deviation to my usual route heading up to Croick. 

The church was shut. That faded notice on the door said it was due to COVID! Come on.

I tried to take a photo of the window from outside but it wasn’t successful. This webpage will give better pictures as well as information – CROICK CHURCH

I came back down Strathcarron and before the bridge over the River Carron went left onto the road to Inveroykel. A wee bit up the road are views over the Kyle of Sutherland. The reflections were amazing.

This cottage was a ruin until recently and has been fantastically renovated. I don’t know is it the original roof or a new roof made to look rusty. Brilliantly done. Even the front door has an ancient look. I commend those who did this so well and so sensitively.

I just quickly stopped to take a picture of the Bailey Bridge over the River Oykel.

Entering the village of Rosehall.

I stopped between Rosehall and Lairg at the entrance to Achany Wind Farm to have my lunch. There were good flat stones to sit on.

I motored on to Lairg and then Rogart. At Rogart I went by Little Rogart onto the maze of roads behind Golspie and Brora. This is at the turn down to Golspie (at Rilochan).

I followed the road round to Loch Brora. This is at the start of the loch. I lay here for a while enjoying the warmth and the fresh air and at peace.

This is stopping at the other end of the loch.

Last year I came here during lock-down. There was a sort of shrine here. The whins have been set on fire since then.

This has been moved to the other side.

I came down to Brora and then headed down A9 to Golspie, the village where I was born. There should be a plaque!

I then continued down the A9 heading to Dornoch by the Embo road. I stopped by Loch Fleet to have something to eat and drink.

And came to Dornoch. This is the town square.

The cathedral.

The jail and court house.

I came back onto the A9 by heading out to Cuthill. It was over the Dornoch Bridge and turning right to Ederton. I took my usual route up to Aultnamain and back home on the Struie road (B9176). I arrived home at 4.05. An amazing day for early Spring.