Wednesday 20th April 2022

Another walk on the Moray Coastal Trail – Kingston to Portgordon (12.2 miles).

I have wanted to walk this section of the Moray Coastal Trail since we completed the section from Lossie Forest to Kingsteps on the 24th March. It bridges between that section and the walk we did to and from Portgordon on Sunday.

So, we drove to Portgordon and parked the car at the harbour. We left the car at 10.40 and headed West, this photo being taken at the outskirts of the village.

We were guided by the signs onto the old railway. Where the old railway ran makes a super path and quite a few sections of the Trail make use of it.

You can see a lot old bridges built to cross the railway or for the railway to cross over. Aren’t the whins so beautiful at this time of the year?

Just off the railway path was this seat. My lovely wife took a rest at it.

But we hit disaster on the Trail again. Winter storms have brought down many trees. At first they had been cut away but then that stopped and it became a clamber through the broken trees.

It just became so difficult to negotiate we diverted onto the Spey Bay Golf Course. That gave a very good track all the way to Spey Bay.

Spey Bay is where the Speyside Way used to start. It now starts in Buckie so we have done that section where it overlaps the Moray Coastal Trail. It is another route for us to walk!

The start of the Speyside Way.

We came back onto the old disused railway line.

We stopped for lunch before crossing the railway bridge to Garmouth. From Spey Bay to Kingston I would say is the most beautiful part of the Trail. It is wonderful.

Sorry about the stupid hat but I get fearful sunburn if I’m not careful. Today was fantastic weather – wall to wall sunshine.

The railway bridge is quite a feat of Victorian engineering. It is quite a long span over the River Spey.

Some pink honesty growing by the track.

And the first bluebells.

This took us out at Garmouth.

We nearly missed this turn as the details on the sign were at the back of the direction you walk from!

This took us past the old school where I attended church camp in 1967. As I’ve said in a previous post I have very little memory of it. It was a grey building then.

It is a lovely walk down to Kingston and we diverted to see this old water tower.

And we finally reached Kingston so joining two sections of the Trail.

Now it was time to retrace our steps but took the road back to Garmouth. The Bin of Cullen is showing above the rushes.

This was interesting. The Solemn League and Covenant was an agreement between the Scottish Covenanters and the leaders of the English Parliamentarians in 1643 during the First English Civil War. On 17 August 1643, the Church of Scotland (the Kirk) accepted it and on 25 September 1643 so did the English Parliament and the Westminster Assembly. I did not know Charles II signed it as he was Roman Catholic and very opposed to what the Covenanters stood for.

After crossing the large bridge we continued ahead onto the main road to Spey Bay and followed it down to the golf-course.

Once we crossed the golf-course we went back into the forest hoping to hit it just beyond the fallen trees. You can see in the next two photos just how difficult the Trail has become.

We had a wee bit of food to eat and something to drink when we got into the forest. Then we just retraced our steps back to the car at Portgordon. We were tired when we reached the car. But what a beautiful walk on such a beautiful day.

So now we have done

1. Forres to FindhornSaturday 14th March 2020 (unrecorded)
2. Findhorn to RoseisleTuesday 16th November 2021
3. Roseisle to BurgheadSaturday 19th December 2020
4. Burghead to HopemanFriday 9th October 2020
5. Hopeman to LossiemouthFriday 23rd July 2021
6. Lossiemouth to Lossie ForestThursday 30th December 2021
7. Lossie Forest to KingstonThursday 24th March 2022
8. Kingston to Portgordontoday
9. Portgordon to BuckieSunday 17th April 2022
10. Buckie to PortessieSaturday 16th April 2022
11. Findochty to PortknockieSaturday 4th September 2021 (unrecorded)
12. Portknockie to CullenSaturday 30th August 2014