Saturday 7th May 2022

A walk up Tain Hill with Mairi and Graham (6.2 miles).

Mairi asked if Anne and myself would go for a walk up Tain Hill with herself and Graham. It was a lovely morning and we had a lovely walk.

Graham drove us out to Tain and we parked at Tain Royal Academy. We tried crossing the school grounds but the gates seemed to be locked so we came back and went up Hartfield Road and then along the A9. We then went by the housing scheme to Quarry Road. We followed this to the car-park at the top. This took us to the Tain Hill walk, proper.

We went on the track to the right and followed it to Pulpit Rock. There were views to the South (spoiled by power-lines).

Anne is standing at Pulpit Rock.

We had a lovely picnic supplied by Mairi. I was given a ‘Dream Ring’ an absolutely delicious confectionery invented by some amazing baker. I could feel the arteries to my heart hardening!

We then followed the poorer track to the top of Tain Hill. Here there are amazing views 360° to the North, South, East and West.

We just retraced our steps back to Tain but using the underpass to cross the A9 and following Cameron Road back to the Academy. We can justify using the car-park as I taught for Highland Council for 39 years and Graham currently is teaching with Highland Council.

Another lovely walk with our family. We then went back to Mairi’s for a wonderful lunch. It is just over 5 months till Mairi and Graham get married.