Saturday 21st May 2022

A walk round Inverness (7.5 miles).

Mairi came for Anne at 9.00. They were going to do some woman’s shopping. I caught the 10.24 bus from Alness which was supposed to get in at 11.05. It didn’t. It went round by Dingwall and Conon Bridge and got in at 11.30. I met Anne and Mairi at Falcon Square where there was a display of classic bikes and cars. I had a quick look. Mairi drove us out to the car-park at the Ferry.

It was Mairi who planed to do this walk. It was a lovely day but very windy. We started walking at 12.05.

We walked out to the canal.

This is at Clachnaharry.

We walked out to the sea-lock which was open.

There were boats entering the sea-lock. If we had more time it would have been interesting to see the lock fill and then transfer the boats upwards.

We headed back up the canal. This was on the wall of an old building.

We stopped beside the canal for lunch in a sheltered spot. It was mild out the wind. The ducks here are hooligans. The wee female here was pecking at my hand for food.

We called at the COOP on Telford Street to use their loo, then we headed back up the canal.

This is Tomnahurich Cemetery.

As we came to the Drumnadrochit Road a boat was going through the swing bridge.

Its amazing that a whole section of road can swing out.

And the road back in place.

The new swing bridge at Torvean.

We didn’t realise that there were underpasses to get across the roads here. Anne and I have always sprinted over the roads between cars.

Passing the Botanic Gardens.

Mairi and I used the public loo here. I have an excuse – I’m an old man.

We came back down via the Islands.

We crossed back over to come up the West bank of the River Ness. I don’t know is it ‘up’ or ‘down’ I should have used in the last sentence. It was heading North so that should be ‘up’. However we were going down the river topographically so it should be ‘down’.

Looking ‘down’ the river or due North towards the castle and town centre.

Looking ‘up’ the river or South.

Inverness Cathedral. The rain came on and we took shelter in the Cathedral.

There was some concert on and you had to pay a pound to get in. We didn’t bother, we just needed 5 minutes out of the rain.

These cows are around the North at present, I think for the Marie Curie Cancer charity. 

Inverness Castle.

The pedestrian suspension bridge and Free North Church.

The Waterloo Railway Bridge.

The harbour.

Of course we went out to Carnarc Point. We stopped to chat to a very ill looking lady in a wheel chair with her wee dog. Some people have difficulties in life that we can’t comprehend.

We stopped for some food on the way back from the point. Mairi had bought me the most enormous (but delicious) slice of millionaire shortbread.

After that we just headed back to the car arriving at 3.30. As we were leaving Carnarc Point the rain started and was quite heavy when we reached the car. Another lovely day, though.