June 1951

This is a record of a trip done in 1951 by Anne’s mum, Dinah Arbuckle and her sister Jeana with Mr and Mrs T. R. Scott.

Thurs. 14th June. Puncture!! Stayed Milnathort Green Hotel.
Fri. 15th. Lunch Moffat.
Dinner Doncaster (Damen Hotel).
Stayed night at North Muskham.
Sat. 16th. Coffee, Newark !!!
Lunch – Epping.
Tilbury – Gravesend Ferry (lhr. wait)
Met others of the party at Metropole Hotel, Folkstone.
Stayed night in Grand Hotel, Folkstone.
Sun.17th. 9 a.m. embarked. Dover – sailed 11 a.m.
Smooth Crossing.
Lunch on board was wonderful. (Soup, Gammon, Peaches etc. etc.).
Ashore 2 p.m. through Customs etc. etc.
Road Signs and Roads very bad. Cobbled Streets.
Flat country. Arras – Great Avenues of Trees. War Graves. Dames, Homes, Cuisine !!!
Arrived Soisson 8 p.m.
Stayed night in Hotel Be is Croix D’or.
Full Moon!!
Bell Pulling etc.!
Mon. 18th. Chateauthery (Rain).
Hooter & Indicators gave way – lhr. by wayside.
Bumpy Bumpy !!
Burst Seat at J. side !!
Chatillon badly bombed.
Poppies and Cornflowers – great fields of them.
Goats – smell ! (Filmier Puant!)
Valley of Saine.
Troyes – Lunch.
Vines & Guernsey Cows.
Arrived Dijon 7 p.m.
Fire Brigade – Ta!Ta!
Soap Box Lecture – T. Scott.
Gt. Food – Burgundy Wine.
Tues. 19th. Left Dijon 9 a.m. following Sapseds.
Crossed Jura Mountains.
Lovely Scenery.
Oxen pulling carts.
Cow Bells.
Lunch – Pontalier. J-rand Hotel with Sapseds, Michael & Bernard .
Arrived Frontier second. Met by Nuffield Reps.
Convoy to Bern about 40 m.p.h. round cliffs! hairpins, etc.
D. Arbuckle, A. Scott hanging on side of car.!!
Neuchatel – thick mist. Police escort through Berne to Sw——–
Cocktail Party.
Bathroom Spray.
Fruit in Bedroom.
Wireless. ‘Phone, Light in Wardrobe etc.
Wed.20th. Trip round Berne.
Saw Cathedral.
Government Buildings in session.
Town Hall where Churchill spoke.
Bear Den.
Clock 1530.
Garden – tame squirrels and birds.
Gurten Finicular Car Railway.
T.R. Scott read Thurs. paper in evening!!
Thurs. 21st. Berne to Lugano.
Very very hot !!
Lovely route – Lake Lucerne.
Fri. 22nd. Grand Hotel Palace Lugano.
Looked round in morning.
Finicular to St. Salvatore afternoon — marvellous view.
Bit misty but very warm.
Church right on summit.
Sat. 23rd. Very warm.
Went Concours d’elegance at La Romantica – what a place – everything in the form of music.
T.R.Scott got La Bomb National!!
Dubonnet – A.S., D.M.A., J.A.A. inter alia!!
Saw lemons growing.
Best hotel we had ever seen.
Went into Italy in afternoon through Italian Customs to Lake Commo – Thunder Storm – water running all over place.
Mendel — Spring Song !!
Sun. 24th. Left Lugano for Brunnen.
Went to Andermaht.
Super hairpin bends.
Very wet weather.
Monday 25th. Looked round shops in Brunnen.
Sailed to Lucerne – took train back.
Flora Restaurant.
Tuesday 26th. Brunnen to Mittel.
Burst spring in car.
Discovered no passports at Frontier !
Hotel lousy!
Wednesday 27th. Vittel to Sens.
Chaumont – religous festival, floral decoration.
Very wet.
Lovely meal at Sens.
Chickens roasting.
Thursday 28th. Left Sens for Paris.
Lunch Grand Hotel Paris.
Went for ride in horse drawn jaunting car to Cathedral Notre Dame.
Arc de Triumph.
Champs De L’——-
3/4d. for cup of tea and one cake.
Lido at night – walked back !!
Friday 29th. Paris to Wimereaux.
Lot of bombing at Abbeville, Boulonge & Wimereaux.
Saturday 30th. Calais 12 Noon.
Left Docks 3 p.m.
Arrived Dover 4.15 p.m.
Tea – Folkstone.
Went through London 10 – 11 p.m.
Spent most restful night on roadside somewhere in England !!!
Breakfast Doncaster.
Sunday 1st. Spent night at Morpeth.
Monday Home.

This is from Aunt Jeana’s photo album.


JUNE 1951

Getting ready for the road

Car being lifted on
boat at Dover.

Mr. Scott on board reading Sunday Post. !!!

White Cliffs of Dover.

Car coming off boat at Calais.





Berne Clock.

At breakfast in Lugano.

Views from St. Salvatore, Lugano.


La Romantica.

La Romantica.



Sailing on Lake Lucerne.

Hotel we stayed in at Brunnen.

Lake Lucerne.




Opera House, Paris.


Back Home!!