My eldest son Hugh got married to Natalie Murray on 5th August 2022 at Back Free Church on the Isle of Lewis. Another lovely girl in our family.
The day before the wedding (the 4th) was Hugh’s ‘Stag Do’. My diary entry for that day is –

Up 7.00. Again slept not too badly. Some very heavy showers but mostly dry. Shaved and showered. Then Charlie and I went into Stornoway to get Graham and go to Hugh’s Stag Do at 9 Goathill Crescent. We called at the big COOP for cash. So Hugh, Graeme, David and Ewan were there along with the three of us. Mo, James and Murdo did not come.

We had bacon butties and then played some games about Hugh. The owner (Donald) knew Mrs MacRae of Kinloch who lived at 11 Balmerino Drive. I stayed there with my granny in 1960. We took photos in the garden. Hugh had to dress up in a cheap kilt with false ginger beard and eyebrows and we headed into town. He had six consequences to fulfill. He really did it in good sport. He had to get the price of a haircut, find what to buy for 30p in the COOP, go on a fairground ride, busk for £1 singing Psalm 95. We went for a coffee. I had coke. Then we went for a meal.

Came back here taking Graham with us. Kirsty and Dave went on a visit with the children. Mairi and Graham went for a walk so we had a wee rest. Had to be at Back church for 4.00 for the wedding rehearsal. We walked home with the children.

We were just about to have tea when Hugh called in with Graeme Innes (the best man). He has been so good the last few days giving his time. It was nice to see them. Once they left we had tea.

Natalie called with gifts which was so kind. Charlie, Kirsty, Mairi and our Graham went for a walk. After supper Charlie and I put Graham back to his guest house.

My diary entry for the next day, the day of the wedding is –

Hugh and Natalie’s wedding

Up 7.00 after a dreadful sleep. All three children were up and crying in the night. Euan had a headache. Eilidh was sick. Jamesie was fine but needed a cry! We found out later Euan and Eilidh as well as Charlie had COVID!

Mairi got up about 6.30. She had to be away to get ready for 8.00. 6 hours for bridesmaids to doll themselves up! Anne walked down with her. Left here were some wishy washy children. I shaved and showered. Started cleaning the house. Cleaned out the fridge.

Charlie and I took Eilidh in her pram and Jamesie for a walk up the road. Euan was asleep in bed.

When we got back Kirsty and Charlie got the children dressed. They looked so smart. Eilidh was well impressed with herself and showing herself off. We had lunch. Kirsty took Eilidh away for photos but she was unwell. She fell asleep and was well out of sorts when woken.

We got dressed and headed to the Back church. Eilidh could not perform as flower girl. Euan not well at all. I met Betty Mackay (ex-precentors wife in Partick). She had a friend Mrs Maclean who knew daddy well. Kirsty took Euan and Eilidh back home. We had to head down to Lews Castle grounds for photos. We got nothing to eat of what was provided in the hall. Jamesie was with us in his kilt and he was an absolute hero.

Then we came to the hotel. I got hold of shortbread and juice for Jamesie. Met many lovely people. Natalie’s grandfather (Angela’s father) Murdo Morrison was a wonderful old man. His much younger brother Alexander was also nice with his wife Joan. Also their sister-in-law – Mary Anne. Then Angela’s brothers – Lewis, Callum and there was another brother but I can’t recall his name. Mo’s brothers – Iain and Roddy were so pleasant. I liked a man Norman (Smith I think) who said grace. Very pleasant. Speeches were said before the meal. Graeme (the best man) certainly got the Gospel in! After a while we got our meal which was very nice.  Kirsty came with Euan and Eilidh but they couldn’t eat. It must have been a nightmare for them. Charlie and family left before suite was served. I’m so glad Jamesie got home. He could not have been better. He was taken out to play a couple of times where he got chestnut leaves and pretended to be a falcon (as you do!).

We stayed on till about 10.30. We put Graham home and came back to Back and off to bed.

My sister-in-law, Jean, took these clips with her phone. It does so automatically when she takes a photograph. I have strung them together.

Chris’s photos (camera)

Chris’s photos (phone)

Jean’s photos (camera)

Jean’s photos (phone)

My photos (phone)