Thursday 20th to Saturday 22nd October 2022

A wee holiday given to us by Hugh and Natalie. Thank you so much.

20th October 2022

Premier Inn, Ormlie Road, Thurso

We have just had the loveliest day. Did the church website uploading last night’s sermon. Started on Friday Club talk on Joshua 6. Ran the stove on wood till we left. Did the ironing and got packed. It was pouring with rain at home. We left around 10.20 and headed over the Struie Road to Aultnamain and then down by Edderton. We crossed the Dornoch Firth bridge and branched in at Cuthill to come along to Dornoch. We headed by Loch Fleet to the Mound and onto Golspie. When we got to Golspie it was just light drizzle. We looked in a couple of charity shops and then had a wee walk round Lindsay St and Fountain Rd along the shore and back to the car park. I bought two shirts. We next stopped in Helmsdale for lunch and again went for a wee wander. We went to the toilet at the Community Centre which was lovely and clean. We crossed the old bridge going up to the war memorial. There was a lovely track which went to the other side of the harbour and then followed the shore. We then came to Thurso going by Smerral at Latheron. I had to stop at the wood at Spittal Quarry to empty the inner man. In Thurso, we went to a couple of charity shops and then the bakers to sit in and have a cake and a drink. I’m going crazy – I bought a fleece. We came to Premier Inn about 3.30 and had a good rest. The room is lovely. We went at out at 5.00 to Castletown to the chip shop. No Scotch pies. No steak pies. So it was burgers. We ate our burgers and chips at Dunnet Sands at the car park just outside Castletown and then walked the length of the beach that we last did with the children at our last stay in Watten. We got back to the car in the dark. It was a fantastic walk. There has been no rain since we got to Thurso. We are back in our room for the night now. We read and I got caught up on my diary. At 9.00 we watched ‘All Creatures Great and Small’. Went to bed about 10.30.



Premier Inn, Thurso


Dunnet Sands

Back at Premier Inn

21st October 2022

Premier Inn, Ormlie Road, Thurso

This is the quietest of the travel hotels we have been to. I slept reasonably well, waking finally at 6.40! We got showered and I shaved. Hugh had paid for us to have breakfasts. We went down for that which was lovely. I had Cornflakes and followed it by bacon, sausages, tomatoes and beans all washed down with orange juice. Just lovely. We came back to our room to relax for a while. The weather was drizzly, foggy and dull. We went out at 9.30 and went down to the Thurso River and walked up it. We went to the top of the path above the cemetery. My trousers got very wet. We came back and walked round the cemetery. Then came down the river further and went up to look at Shug’s old church and manse. It all looked so sad. We continued into town and went to a few shops. We also went to the museum which was very good. It was dry and warm and my trousers kind of dried out. We then headed back to Premier Inn and took the car out to Halkirk where we parked by the cemetery and had our picnic lunch. After that we moved onto Wick visiting a couple of charity shops. I picked up a jacket. I have a new wardrobe after this wee holiday. We went on to John O Groats where we bought ice-lollies at the wee shop. We went to the touristy bit at the end but turned back. It now costs £3 to park there! I don’t know what is happening to Scotland. So we parked at Cannisby Church and ate our ice-lollies there. We had a wander round the cemetery and church but it was quite wet. So we headed to Thurso. As we got back it became dry. We rested in our room for a while. I fell asleep. We headed out about 5.10 to the chip shop. It was mobbed and it took about half an hour to get our orders. We got fish fingers and chips. We took this out to Scrabster to eat. We had a wee walk up to the light-house. On the way back the Orkney ferry came in and we spent an interesting time watch it berth and discharge the cars, etc. We came back to Premier Inn and relaxed for the evening reading and watching TV. I typed this up!

Thurso walk

Hugh’s old manse

And his church

Halkirk Cemetery


John O’ Groats

Canisbay Church

This stone is masked with lichen

Premier Inn in the daylight

Scrabster harbour

Holborn Head Lighthouse

22nd October 2022

Premier Inn, Ormlie Road, Thurso

Again had a good sleep. This is a super place. I woke just once in the night and then came awake at 6.10. We got up at 6.45 and showered. We went down for breakfast at 8.00. I had the same as yesterday though maybe increased the portion sizes. Cornflakes and followed it by bacon, sausages, tomatoes and beans all washed down with orange juice. Just lovely. We came back to our room to relax for a while. The weather again was drizzly, foggy and dull. Left about 9.30. Went to LIDL to get our lunch. Went home along the North Coast to the Hallidale Road. We stopped at the start of the Glen Loth road and walked to Kildonan Station. The rain had gone off but it came back on by the time we got to the car. Stopped between Helmsdale and Brora for our lunch. Got home near 2.00. —-

Some pictures of our Premier Inn


Between Helmsdale and Brora