Thursday 28th October 2022

A scooter journey to Dunnet Head and along the North Coast (234 miles).

Dunnet Head is the most Northerly part of mainland Britain. I contacted my brother Billy to see if he would like to go for a run there. The forecast for the North was good and it was to be incredibly mild for the end of October. It’s almost November! So another trip was on.

It is many years since I was at Dunnet Head and have never been on two wheels.

I left Contullich at 8.55 to make sure to be in Dornoch for 9.30. Even though it is mild for the time of year I was a bit chilly on the scooter. I went over the Struie and down to Edderton then across the Dornoch Bridge to get to Billy’s at about 9.25. I got a chance to admire the new kitchen and utility room.

We headed through Dornach and out on the Embo road to go by Loch Fleet to the Mound. We went North through Golspie and Brora and onto Helmsdale. We stopped here to stretch our legs. Some local fishermen were repairing creels and we got chatting to them. Very easy going fellows.

We stopped above Berriedale. I was going to record some video but the camera was not set! So I didn’t bother to try for the rest of the day. This gave a nice view to Morven.

The scooters then kept chugging on to Wick where we stopped to get supplies. I also got petrol.

It was then following the John O’ Groats road and again because of ridiculous parking charges we didn’t go to the tourist area. This is us having a wee stop for photos. Anne and I were here last Friday and could not see a thing. What a difference.

The ferry was in at Gills so we stopped to grab pictures of it.

And Huna.

We stopped for our lunch break once we got onto the road out to Dunnet Head. I took my stove to make a Pot-Noodle – a Chow Mein one. I did offer to do this for Billy but he had a thermos flask with lentil soup in it. I also made myself some coffee. This was using the great wee stove Hugh gave me.

Dunnet Head was a tourist hot spot. You have to pay to park! We didn’t. Just stopped and grabbed a few photos. I am not happy with all the parking charges in the North now. Highlanders have become greedy. Even just a few years ago you could park just about anywhere with no charge. This is a direct result of the wretched NC500.

Then we charged along the North Coast through – Castletown, Thurso and Reay. This is a wee bit betond Dounreay. We swapped bikes here.

We kept going along the top of mainland Scotland through Strathy and Bettyhill. Just beyond Bettyhill we went onto the Syre, Altnahara road that takes you down Strath Naver – a stunning run. We stopped to eat at the start of Loch Naver.

Then it was heading South through Altnahara, Crask and then Lairg. Billy bought took on petrol in Lairg.

We were starting to race the daylight home. We went onto Bonar Bridge, Ardgay and up onto the Struie Road. That is Struie Hill. We stopped at the Dornoch Firth viewpoint and here we parted company.

I followed the Struie Road; Billy cut down to Edderton and the Dornoch Bridge. I got home just before 5.40. What a great day at the end of the year. I really enjoyed it.