Tuesday 8th November 2022

A cold scooter journey to Wick (172 miles).

I wore a pile of clothes for this and used my USB electric gloves. I still felt cold. My mum’s house is being sold and needs the ‘Disposition’ signed by all of us children. I went up to Wick to get Roddy (my youngest brother) to sign it.

I left home at 9.35 and went down to Morrisons for petrol. I also called at the bank for cash and then the Newsagent to purchase an envelope to post the ‘Disposal’ to Liz.

I stopped in Golspie and went to in front of the Free Church where I ate my picnic. The sea was wild almost coming up to where I was sitting. I dropped my phone and got the first scratch on the screen which is pretty good after two and a half years.

I had to stop above Berridale. Morven is standing out clearly. It certainly wasn’t when i cam back down.

I reached Roddy’s just after 12.00. Roddy took the ‘Disposition’ to a friend to have his signature witnessed. I then posted it on to my sister, Liz, in Campbelltown. I used Guaranteed Next day Delivery which cost £6.50. It did get to her next day. Roddy gave me my lunch and I left his about 1.45. I went to Tesco for petrol and then the rain came on. It rained heavily all the way down to between Dunbeath and Berridale Braes. I got damp and very cold.

I went two miles up Glen Loth to have my picnic, just because I love Glen Loth. It is normally so quiet but several cars passed me and two campervans were parked down from me.

I kept going South but came back by Edderton and Aultnamain. The day was much better down here. That is Struie Hill ahead.

It was a good run for November. I would prefer it hadn’t rained. I didn’t take any photos in Wick but these receipts prove I reached there.