These photos are from a box of old photos my mother (Georgina Margaret Cameron) has. Again it is something I came across whilst clearing out my her home before it being sold. Again there is a sadness as you view them.

Granny (Elizabeth Anne McIntosh) and mummy (Georgina Margaret Cameron)

My mum

Uncle Hector (Hector Cameron) outside the hen-house at Resolis Manse with kitten

Annie M. Cameron on right

My grandfather (William Cunningham Martin Cameron)

Gairloch – Uncle Hector, Rev. Hector MacRury, Morag MacRury, mummy and Miss Mary McLean (Skye and Glasgow) 2nd cousin of Rev. William Cameron (my grandfather). Their McInness grandmothers were sisters. Miss McLean died in old age in Portree in 1994.

Uncle Hector, Rev. Murdo McRae (Kinloch), Mrs. Christina McRae and mummy

Mummy outside the manse at Resolis. She looks so nice in this picture. Life is all ahead. Now she is an old weary lady in a care home. Pictures like this could make you cry.

My great-grandfather (Roderick McIntosh), mummy and Uncle Hector are the children. Alick is sitting at the stern of the boat. Annie Cameron, William Cameron’s sister is at the back.

Mummy outside Newhall.

Uncle Hector and mummy (Georet was what most people knew her as) on “Jennie” – grey breeding mare with Alick (Alexander McIntosh)

Left to right – Rev. Murdo McRae (Kinloch), Mrs. Alex McLeod (Murdo Alex’s mother), mummy, granny, Rev. Alex McLeod (Murdo Alex’s father) and Mrs. Christina McRae – taken at Back.

Resolis Manse

Granny (Bessie McIntosh) at Newhall. We spent hours playing on that wall outside the wood.

Uncle Hector, Kenny Davy, Alex Fraser and Alick

Isabella McLeod (nee Mackenzie), Jim MacDonald (Bessie Brown’s brother), Christina MacDonald (nee Mackenzie) (Bessie Brown’s mother)

Rev. Murdo McQueen with umbrella

Auntie Anna (Anna Lois Mackay) and mummy

F.C.S.A. outing to zoo. Rev. Murdo McAulay with hat in front, Rev. Alistair McFarlane hat in hand, Rev. Robert Park with hat under tree. Rachel Renwick in front of him, Isabelle McDonald (became Bell) beside McAulay.

Mt grandfather outside Resolis Manse

Mummy, Mrs. Christina McRae, Rev. Murdo McRae (Kinloch) and granny

This is a brilliant photo of mum as a wee girl

Mummy (that is some hairstyle!) and Uncle Hector

Duncan Boyd at Resolis Manse

Uncle Hector and Auntie Anna’s wedding at Wick Free Church 1954 (June)
Mrs. Mackay (Anna’s mother), Rev. Hector Sutherland, Elizabeth Mackay (Auntie Liz), Uncle Hector, Auntie Anna, granny, mummy and Donald Mackay.

Anne McQueen – married name Bachelor

Resolis Communion friends:- Miss. McKissack (Mains of Alves, Duncan Boyd, mummy, granny (just behind), Sheena McLeod, my grandfather, Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth McRae (Stornoway).

Uncle Hector. He was always so much fun. He would even play water fights with us as children. He would take us fishing. He even took me onto the airfield at Dornoch and let me drive his car. He was a great man.

Uncle Hector beside copper beech at Newhall gate

Uncle Hector

Mummy, with her first class at Fortrose. She taught primary 7 there.

First cousins, my grandfather and Duncan Boyd (Captain Duncan also Uncle Duncan)

Uncle Hector – Resolis Manse

Uncle Hector – his dress cap was navy blue and turquoise


Kimberley, Evanton. Home of Uncle Dan and Aunt Jeanie (Donald Mackenzie and Jane Crawford McQueen)

Granny, mummy, Uncle Hector and my grandfather

Christina McDonald (nee Mackenzie) with likely Hector in Newhall “parlour”.

Mummy and Uncle Hector

Uncle Hector, Mrs. Christina McRae, mummy and Rev. Murdo McRae (Kinloch)

Uncle Hector and granny

Granny and Alick


Uncle Hector and granny

Alick was incredibly strong. Here he is with my mum on his hand!

Gairloch:- My great-grandfather (Roderick McIntosh), Alick, Uncle Hector, mummy. Behind Annie Ross, Bella MacIver (sister to Annie Ross), Aunt Annie (Annie Cameron) and Murdo MacIver. Bella MacIver was lady’s maid to Marjorie Mackenzie and Murdo MacIver was head gardener. Granny, mummy and Uncle Hector always went there, to Gairloch, for their holiday. Alick had taken his father and Aunt Annie for the day. This is taken after a meal.

Uncle Hector and granny

Mummy reckons this is one of the McQueen brothers with Aunt Jeannie

Annie M. Cameron

This wee calendar must have been made by my mum as a present to Aunt Jeanie. Uncle Hector is in the photo taken at Loch Maree. It leaves you with heartache seeing something like this. The wee girl’s handwriting; making a calendar for her aunt to show her love; her brother happy in the boat.